How to know if you’re being stalked on social media

And the apps you need to download right now!

Do you ever get curious about who’s scrolling through your twitter profile, or spending the most time on your Instagram grid? Well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely do!  I even watch to see who’s checking out Snapchat and Instagram stories. I know, it’s really sad, but I like to know whos’ watching!

We all thought the days of Snapchat ‘best friends’ were a thing of the past. But what if I could tell you I know exactly who’s spending the most time on my Instagram profile, who my ‘ghost followers’ are, and even who’s taking time to let all my pictures but refusing to follow me back? Yeah, these features blow Snapchat ‘best friends’ out of the water! Read on to discover how to find out whos’ stalking you on social media…



Using social media as a blogger/influencer

The way you use social media if you’re a blogger or an influencer is so much different from the average person. Before I was a blogger, I’d just follow a load of random celebs and people I hardly knew. Just because I’m super nosy! But being a blogger, social media becomes all about engagement and numbers.

Potential brands are looking for engagement rates, (and that’s how people often spot bots!) So you have to prioritise people who follow you back and tend to like/comment on your posts and then unfollow the ones that don’t. This is all within reason though, don’t go unfollowing your close friends if they’ve missed the odd post! Social media is all about numbers too. So if you’re following 1500 people and only 200 people are following you, a brand may think you’re content and engagement rate is poor, so they’ll think twice about working with you.

The aim of a blogger is to always have a higher number of followers in comparison to the number you’re following yourself. But as your platforms grow, this isn’t always possible! So instead, the brand will look at how many people are interacting with you online. And if you’re barely getting comments and likes but have a huge following, brands will definitely question why that is. But don’t worry, an explanation of my favourite apps are below to help you improve your engagement rate and the way you use your social media platforms.



This is the app I used to track my Instagram stats. It’s free to initially download the app, but if you want ‘plus’ features, it’ll set you back £5 a month. I’ve found this app really helpful in discovering who wasn’t following me back. As well as discovering who was spending the most time on my profile (more on that later!) See below for all the features.



These are the people spending the most time on your profile. They don’t necessarily have to be following you, just spending a lot of time there.

Secret Admirers

The people not following you, but liking a lot of your images.

Ghost followers

These are the people who are following you but not liking your content or watching your stories.


You are both following each other.

Best friends

You are following each other and liking a lot of each other’s content.

Not following me back/I’m not following back

Self-explanatory really! This is a useful tool for seeing the people that have unfollowed you before downloading the app.

Best likers/ Best commenters/ Worst likers/ Worst commenters

These tools are useful for finding out who are the best and worst engagers.

Lost followers

This is the tool bloggers rave about! With tracker, you get a notification everytime someone unfollows you. This is super useful for discovering the bloggers who follow/unfollow for following numbers.


Twit Follow

This app isn’t as technical as Tracker, but it’s useful to see the users who have unfollowed you. I don’t think Twitter is as much as numbers game in comparison to Instagram and is a whole lot more about interaction. So I try to follow bloggers who’s tweets I enjoy reading or the people and brands who tend to interact with me.


As you can see, the tools are very similar to tracker so I won’t repeat myself. I found this tool really useful for discovering the bloggers that have unfollowed me over the years or never followed me back. And Twit Follow even lets you unfollow these people from the app! This tool is also very useful in seeing the rate your followers are growing, letting you know if you should be investing more time into growing your twitter.

Are you using these apps? Have you got any tracking apps you recommend? Please let me know in the comments!



Knocking International Women’s Day on it’s head

Do females really support other females?

I read an amazing blog post the other day about how female friendships change in your mid-twenties. And it really got me thinking and inspired this post. Unless you were living under a social media sized rock this Thursday, you’ll know it was international women’s day. And International Women’s day is all about women supporting women, right? But the reality is, even though we don’t like to admit it, how many females are genuinely really supportive of each other’s achievements, relationships, and careers? Read on to discover my thoughts.


International Women’s Day

My experience at university, rightly or wrongly, was always a competitive one. I went to two different universities and definitely saw a pattern with some of my female coursemates. As everyone strives for the top grades and the top jobs, they seemed to be a bitchy underlying tone to it all. Most of the females weren’t genuinely happy for each other’s achievements. But the boys seemed to have a bit of different experience! If they got that amazing job interview or performed well on that exam, it’s just a pat on the back and a ‘well done mate!‘ No bitchy underlining tone to be seen!

My friends supporting me through my achievements

I’ve noticed a change in my friends when I’ve had amazing opportunities come my way. As my blog has grown, I’ve had so-called friends make digs about the experiences and the opportunities that my blog has brought. I’ve been blogging now for over three years. And I’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into growing Life Of Luce. So I don’t really understand why females can’t just be happy for other females when their hard work pays off?

I’ve also had a friend make digs when I got into The University of Leeds and also when I got my job and moved to Sheffield. Moving to a different city two years in a row takes courage. And I also don’t think these opportunities were just handed to me, I’ve had to work for them.

Supporting my female friends

I’m so supportive and happy for my friends when they do well, so I don’t understand why all females aren’t like this? My two best friends have just started blogging and instead of taking a competitive approach, I offered my help! Even creating the WordPress site for one of them. And I genuinely hope their blogs do well because I don’t think life is a competition.

I also don’t think social media helps! Everyone know’s each other’s ‘highlights’ aren’t an accurate reflection of their lives. And my social media is definitely far from the truth! But females are still competing to look prettier or slimmer, or even dress better, than the other females they see as they scroll down. But when you take a step back, who even cares?

Why it’s okay to let go of those unsupporting friends

Like I’ve already said, not all your friends will support you through your decisions, achievements, and regrets. Some of my close circle of friends have changed recently and that’s totally fine! Your twenties are all about change. But as you change, you’ll notice the people around begin to start doing the same.

There’s really nothing worse than tension in a friendship, especially with an unsupporting friend. Sometimes you’ve got to respect yourself enough as a person, to realise not everyone that had a place in your past, deserves to make it into your future. Letting go of people only makes room for new people and new opportunities. And without these new people and new opportunities, you won’t be able to move forward or grow.


Do you truly believe women support other women? Have you experienced unsupportive friendships? Please let me know in the comments! 

Are we the laziest generation yet?*

All the gear, but no idea!

The British population is obsessed with home improvement projects, with the average Brit redecorating their home around 36 times throughout their lifetime — and each project usually takes around 18 days, on average, from start to finish. I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my bedroom!

Data from the Office for National Statistics has also predicted that those in the UK collectively spend almost £30 billion on home improvements annually. That works out at £43 million each week! With those figures, business must be booming for traders in the construction industry, right? With the rise of DIY tasks, some Brits are choosing to take on the projects themselves and avoid hiring professionals. We our generation struggling to put together a mortgage deposit, this only makes sense, right? Because of this, home improvement projects might actually be stunting the growth of the construction industry! 


The rise of DIY

Britain has become a nation of DIY enthusiasts, with the average person spending around £1,085 on DIY improvements. Furthermore, 15% of Brits attempt all DIY tasks themselves, whilst DIY stores have seen an increase of around 42% in sales for DIY products. This could be down to the fact that less than one in ten homeowners currently consider their home to be perfect, with 55% saying they have a long to-do list of improvements and changes they would like to get done. It’s just never ending isn’t it?

Women are picking up tools!

And it is not just the stereotypical male that is getting involved with DIY tasks. The Telegraph reported a rise in the female DIY-er. 70% of women said they are happy to do DIY around the house, and 77% said they would happily strip a room of wallpaper without asking for any help. Furthermore, in a B&Q survey, three-quarters of women believe themselves to be just as competent at basic DIY skills as any man — and of the 60% of women who are currently in a relationship, 35% say that they do more home improvements around the house than their partners.

Topping the list of home improvement jobs that homeowners are keen to do are: installing a new kitchen and/or bathroom, laying new carpet, painting walls, and building an extension — most of which will require an experienced homeowner to achieve by themselves. The most easily achieved DIY tasks are actually among the most outstanding jobs in the British home: painting and wallpapering, buying new furniture, and laying decking or a patio in the garden.

Is our love for DIY affecting people’s jobs though?

However, 82% of Brits apparently put off doing essential DIY jobs for an average of 26 days and 10% will delay DIY tasks for more than three months — can you afford to wait that long? Many homeowners believe that a lack of time is stopping them from getting everything done in their homes. In fact, three quarters worry that they are never going to get their homes to a point where they are completely happy with them because of a lack of time, money and know-how.

Despite these figures, just 16% of people always hire a professional. Decorating appears to be one of the most common jobs that people hire a professional for; more than a fifth call in a professional to put wallpaper up, while another 15% get decorators in instead of undertaking a paint-job themselves.

The construction industry encompasses everything from builders, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, to decorators, architects, surveyors, and engineers. 23% of homeowners believe their home requires mainly major work to make their home perfect, suggesting that a professional is needed — and figures agree, with 28% saying a professional is needed to do the work that they want to do. Maybe DIY has its limitations?

A generation change?

Recent reports appear to claim it has. Some studies have revealed that DIY is actually on the decline — good news for the construction industry. And this could be down to a change in attitudes throughout generations. Over 50s seem to have no problems with trying DIY work in the home to save money and achieve something themselves. However, only 1% of the younger generation, 25-35 year olds, would try and do the work themselves, meaning 99% of them would rather hire a professional.


What are your thoughts towards DIY and home improvements? Would you rather get the professionals in, or pop down to your local B&Q? Please let me know in the comments!


This post was written in collaboration with Niftylift, work platform suppliers*




My £8.60 DIY Date dress

Date night just got a whole lot cheaper!

So my perfect date night dress basically consists of a bodycon with sleeves, preferable midi length, that also shows zero chest (See the dress below!) So basically just something that’s super flattering without being revealing! So when I stumbled across this bodycon dress from Look of the Day for just £7, I knew I had to get my mitts on it! However, I stupidly ignored the product picture and stumbled across one major problem…


The original dress from LOTD

Before I start, I’d like to say I’m not at all slating the brand! I think the brand is so on trend and super affordable. And they’re also really interactive on social media, which is lovely! Plus I’ve got other pieces I’ve recently purchased that I’m a little bit in love with. (More to come on that!)

But after trying this dress on, I was a little bit disappointed. As you can see, the style of the dress is supposed to have gaps between the buttons, however, these jus gaps made me feel super self-conscious! The dress had enough material to cover the buttons. However, due to how they’ve been placed, the material just wouldn’t line up! I know, really annoying right? And as I loved the high neck style and the amazing mustard colour, (mustard is MY colour!), I decided to get my DIY on…

The solution


After a quick browse on Amazon, I picked up this fabric glue for just £1.60! And using the glue couldn’t be easier:

  1. Lay your garment out flat.
  2. Place something in between the layers of fabric, I used some card (Top tip from my friend!)
  3. Add the glue slowly, wiping the excess away with water.
  4. Hold down for five minutes to set.
  5. Leave for 30 minutes to dry.
  6. Iron over the garment at a temperature subtle for the fabric.
  7. Voila…New date dress!

For the perfect date night look for £8.60 you’ll need:

Buy the Fabric Glue for £1.60 from Amazon

Buy the high necked ribbed popper dress for £7 from LOTD 


Have you altered your clothes before? Have you ever used fabric glue? Please let me know in the comments!



Cosmetic surgery: what I’ve just spent £1500 on

Would you fix your insecurities?

So I did a little ‘gram poll a few weeks ago talking about cosmetic surgery and it turns out 82% of you would pay for cosmetic surgery to fix your biggest insecurity! I wasn’t that shocked at the result, ’cause I couldn’t have lived with my biggest insecurity forever. I will admit I blew up my insecurity a bit too much in my head, but it was something that really bothered and upset me. Read on to find out what I’ve just spent £1500 on…


The initial embarrassment

I was in two minds about whether I was going to write this post or not. With social media being all about perfection these days, it’s pretty hard as a blogger to highlight your biggest insecurity online. And with me being single and having constant struggs navigating/hating online dating apps (read all about that here!), I didn’t want to broadcast something that would make me feel unattractive. But now, after three weeks and plenty of people not even realising, I thought I might as well share it.

No, I haven’t had a boob job!

No, it’s nothing that major, I’ve paid £1500 to move one of my teeth forward. Yep, you read that right…my biggest insecurity was a tooth! To give you all a bit of context, I had a brace on my top and bottom teeth when I was 13. I then got told to wear my retainers for 6 months and that’ll be treatment done forever. However, my pesky wisdom teeth decided to make an appearance and move a couple of my teeth! It never really bothered me till about a year and a half ago. And then boom, it became my biggest insecurity!

When girls get drunk and talk about boys they love, I used to get upset over the tooth.

You could never see in pictures, my natural fuller lips have definitely become a blessing! And I do think the only person that ever really noticed was myself. But for me, having to spend 9 months consuming a lot of soup (Marks and Spencer’s do an amazing Thai chicken soup), will 100% be worth it in the long run! And as you can see in the picture of me last night, you can’t even tell I’ve even got a brace on.

That one thing everyone says to me

When I was 13, I wasn’t exactly going round snogging everyone! But I can confirm it’s still possible to kiss, although it did feel a bit weird at first! Maybe like an extra tongue? Is that oversharing? But there’s your fact for the day anyway!

Would you get cosmetic surgery if you could afford to fix your insecurities? If not, why not? Please let me know in the comments!

How do you get your vitamins?

Here’s a quick fix for all you lazy people

So here’s a good question: who out of us actually regularly takes their vitamins? And who 100% knows they get all their nutrients from their diet? ‘Cause I know I bloody well don’t! So if you’re super lazy like me, this handy little spray is the perfect quick fix! Read on to find out more about Nutrient Wise and their genius vitamin spray!



Vitamin Spray

Forgot vitamin pills or drops! With this spray, taking your vitamins is as quick and easy as a squirt of fave perfume or as a spray of your most reliable setting spray! And just like perfume and setting spray, you’ll be reaching for this spray as part of your new morning routine. The spray has a lovely peppermint taste too, so it leaves your mouth feeling all fresh and clean. You know that feeling where you’ve eaten half a pack of large Tic Tacs or you’ve just rinsed your mouth with super fresh mouthwash? That’s the feeling this spray gives you!

As I feel myself reaching my mid-twenties full steam ahead, I’m desperately trying to be more of an adult and look after myself better! So even if I have to set reminders to force myself to moisturise and take my vitamins, I’m gonna bloody well make sure I do!

Now for the sciencey bit

Vitamin D is super important for your teeth and bones. As well as your brain and immune system. You wouldn’t leave the house without brushing your teeth, so why should you leave the house without taking your vitamins? Get on board with the revolution of vitamin taking, by purchasing the spray for just £5.99 by clicking here! 

More about the brand

Nutrient Wise is a start-up company who actually give 20% off all their profits to local charities, with a strong focus supporting families and children from less fortunate backgrounds. I know, bloody amazing right? Getting supporting now and try the spray for yourself!


What do you think of the idea of vitamin spray? Do you think this is a necessary part of our diet? Please let me know in the comments!

The single gal’s valentines gift guide*

Because who doesn’t just love another reason to treat themselves?

So as soon as the start of the month hit, so did an outpour of cringey valentines day cards and over priced heart-shaped chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from feeling bitter about all this. But why not instead use Valentines Day as an excuse to spoil number one? So here’s my single gal’s valentines gift guide in collaboration with L’Occitane and their amazing bodycare range.


Wash away the negative vibes

Keep your skin in tip-top condition over the V Day period with the L’Occitaine bodycare range. Just because you’re mates posted a cringey boy did well picture on her ‘gram, doesn’t mean you need to stress! Soak away them bad vibes while matching your soap to your heart, with the Rebalancing Black Soap. Then unwind and moisturise with the Almond Milk Concentrate. You’ll feel 100 times better, I promise!


A girl’s night out needs a brand new dress!

Just because red is the colour of Valentines Day, doesn’t mean you can’t be channelling it on your next big girl’s night out! Missguided and Pretty Little Thing have a whole load of super hot red dresses that’ll sure to make you sizzle. But my fave is this red number from Topshop at £42.00, click here to shop!


Actually, why not take it one step further and treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe?

If you saw my last post, you’ll know how much I’m loving Bershka right now! The brand is super stylish, affordable and on trend! Click here to catch up with the post and give your wardrobe an early Spring clean!

Treat yourself to some new beauty treats

If you regularly read my blog, you’ll know January’s beauty brand of the month is Too Faced. Click here to see my wishlist and get your mitts on all my favourites! Just think about how confident you’ll feel taking a selfie with a brand new matte lip!


On a budget? Have yourself some ‘me’ time or invite over the gals!


You’ll need Netflix, obviously!

My top picks are:

The Crown
A strong powerful female who rules the country but has to put up with her dramatic little sister and bored husband.

How To Get Away with Murder
Another strong powerful female who’s also a top lawyer and doesn’t let men bring her down.

Black Mirror
You’ll be that amazed and confused you’ll forget it’s Valentine’s day altogether!

Gavin and Stacey
Because Smithy is hilarious and Gavin is sort of hot.


Refreshments and snacks

Just because no ones buying you chocs (sorry gal!) doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some. My faves are Lindor by Lindt or a classic Dairy Milk.

And don’t forget about the main event…the pizza! I’m sure dominos will have some great deals so you can really indulge! Nothing says treat night, like a large Domino’s garlic and herb dip to yourself!

And lastly, you can’t forget about the wine! My current fave is the Echo Falls Strawberry and Lime, and you can get your hands on a bottle at only £4.25 from Tesco! 

Well, girls, I hope you found The single gal’s valentines gift guide helpful in surviving Valentine’s day. Remember gals, it’s only one day a year! So put your phone down, do not message that idiot back, and enjoy a glass (or 10) and have a good ‘ol laugh with your gals. 

A massive FU to the 2018’s dating climate.

Navigating the social media dating apps

So if you have me on Instagram, you’ll know I recently did a poll to find out other people’s opinion of dating in 2018. Personally, I reckon it completely sucks! But at the same time, I know people who’ve had/having pretty successful relationships with dating apps, such as tinder. Read for a whole range of interesting facts and stats…


So here are my Instagram follower’s stats:

  • 71% of you said a massive FU to the dating situation in 2018.
  • 42% of you said you’d had absolutely terrible dating experiences.
  • BUT 47% of you reckon you’d met the one through a dating app.

It was an eye-opener that 47% of you reckon you’d found the one online. I was expecting the figure to be a lot smaller! Although only about 100 people answered my poll, it’s still a good indication of how many people are regularly using these dating apps to help them start relationships.

You’ve just graduated university, now what?

According to The Student Room, 1/5 people meet ‘the one’ whilst at university. However, there are some uni courses which supposedly give grads higher chances of coming face to face with their soul mate in a lecture theatre.

These courses are:

Tourism/transport (37%)
Business / Management (27%);
Social / Policy (27%)
Languages (24%)
Marketing / Comms / Media (21%)

So according to these stats, with an undergrad in Comms (PR) and an MA in marketing, there’s a 42% chance I’ve met ‘the one’.

But I don’t think I have, so what do I do?


Entering the world of online dating.

Unless you’ve been really lucky and you’ve found the love of your life at university, you’re probably relying on friends to set you up. Or failing that, meeting someone at work. But then what do you do when you’ve exhausted both these avenues? You turn to Tinder, or Bumble or Grinder…this list goes on!

All of these apps have pretty much the same concept: quick access to people you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to talk to. What could go wrong?


Bumbling and Tindering

Tonight I spent all night flicking between Tinder and Bumble, swiping left and swiping right. I even added a witty comment in my bio. After finally putting my phone down and feeling really pathetic, I said to my friend, ”How sad is this?” he said, ”That’s just the way things are now”.

Personally, this online dating thing isn’t for me. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d rather meet someone in person, ideally in a bar or a club. However, let’s say over the past two years, I reckon I’ve gone out on average around twice a month. Out of them fortnightly night’s out, I’d probably say no more than five men have ever tried to talk to me. That’s not exactly great statistics over two years, is it?

So now you understand why I’ve turned to tinder and bumble.

And It’s not like I’m the only person I know doing this. All my single friends are swiping along as well. But for myself, it’s just a strange concept that people would rather lay in bed at night and swipe through potential partners, instead of just trying to chat someone up in a bar.


And there are two major problems with this:


1. You now have too many options

We all know in reality, we wouldn’t have 200 people in one place all lining up to date us. It would never happen! And I’ll put my hand up and admit I get a bit carried away with my ‘requirements’. But it’s so incredibly hard not get picky and a little judgie on these apps. But we’ve all got to learn where to draw the line, haven’t we?

2. Social media isn’t always a good representation of a person

Everyone knows we just put the best bits on social media. So for a dating app, we’re even more likely to be that little bit pickier with our photo selection. Because let’s be honest, if you met someone in person, you wouldn’t see a carefully selected combination of ten filters. And that witty bio? That was probably just been copied off google!


The current dating climate is ruining our self-esteem.

Out of all of the dating apps, I’ve had experience with (well two), bumbling drives me nuts! The concept behind it, is women are meant to make the first move once matched. Leaving the man 24 hours to reply, or the match disappears.

And every single bloody time I get unmatched, I think a part of me dies instead! 

I take everything super personally anyway, but bumbling can easily make you develop a complex.

Am I not pretty enough? Am I not skinny enough? Are all these other girls better than me?

It’s just basically a vicious cycle of rejection and f*uckboys, with the odd civilised conversation thrown in between for good measure.

But I feel sorry for my lad mates too. They seem to think women have such an easier time on these apps. And from my experience, I can confidently say that’s definitely not true! Both genders seem to be relying on these apps for confidence and a little boost to their self-esteem. But, after the 5th f*uckboy of the day gives me a cringe misspelt compliment, it doesn’t exactly fill me with hope.

”Your definitely the hottest lass Iv matched ha” – Tinder match, approximately 5 minutes ago. 

So with men either keeping quiet as they’re scared of rejection. Or handing out compliments with terrible grammar, its no wonder female users are super frustrated!



Rounding it up

So basically, I think men need to start actually talking to girls in bars and clubs again. And the same can be said for girls…it’s 2018 after all! So instead of both genders spending their nights out taking selfies in the smoking area, to later hashtag #squadgoals. People need put their phones down, close the dating apps, and start having conversations again in real life again! Who’s with me?

What are your thoughts on the dating climate in 2018? Have you had success on one of these dating apps? Please let me know in the comments!


I’m nearly 24, what should I have done by now?

The 25 things to do before you’re 25 checklist.

So I’m 24 this year and it’s really scaring me who quickly I’m approaching 30. Seriously when did this happen?! To make me feel a bit better about ageing (I swear I’ve found my first wrinkle!) I’ve found a checklist online of the things you’re supposed to have done by 25 (Check it out here!) Read on to find out how I’m doing…


Tap into your creativity.

Well, I’m blogging, I suppose that counts! I’m trying to put more time aside to grow my Instagram this year too.

Effectively organise your living space.

My living space is pretty small to start with! I really need some better storage solutions for my make-up and clothes. So if you know any, please let me know in the comments.

Cut out romantic interests that just aren’t worth it.

Baby steps Luce, baby steps…

Ask for what you want at work.

I’m just happy when someone else washes my mug to be honest.

Read self-help books (no shame)

I once read a dating book by Lucy Watson, I learnt a lot. Does that count?

Get in control of your finances.

Paying off that whopping student overdraft is the bane of my life! I’d be doing a lot better if I avoided all them treat yo self moments in Topshop, Zara ect. I could go on…

Enjoy time alone.

Is there anything better than a bath and a cuppa tea, like seriously? I used to hate being on my own when I was younger. However now, I absolutely love ‘Lucy time’. See above…

Motivate yourself to exercise.

I really enjoy the gym and exercise so much! I love feeling more toned and energetic. And it’s amazing how much regular trips to the gym can change your body shape. (Click here to check out my latest fitness posts!) 

Start using antiaging creams (the early bird catches the worm).

This is actually one of my new year’s resolutions. In 2018 I really want to start looking after my skin a lot better. However, it’s not exactly off to a good start! Click here to find out why…

Take your lunch breaks during the workday.

Does anyone not do this?

Get rid of Facebook friends you aren’t actually friends with.

I had a good clear out when I graduated from University. Facebook seems to be all about bragging and baby pictures these days. So unless you’re one of my close friends, I don’t really care about your new job or the latest pictures of your baby.

Pay your own phone bill.


Deal with confrontation (the right way).

Everyone who knows me, knows I don’t do well in a confrontation. Well, I suppose I’ve still got another year to get to grips with this one!

Go on a solo trip.

I think driving up and down the M1 is enough of a solo trip to me. Traveling on my own just doesn’t appeal to me.

Start a conversation with a stranger.

People always seem to start conversations with me, but I just find it really awkward! This is probably something I need to work on.

Know how and when to unplug from electronics.

I have a major attachment issue with my phone.

Network in person.

See two points above.

Have the kind of sex you want.

What does that even mean? Plus it’s a bit of a personal one!

Write about your feelings.

My close friends would probably argue I already do this enough already.

Make a mean mixed drink.

Well, them years of being a really crap bartender have paid off, ’cause there are a few cocktails that I’ve definitely mastered. The easiest being a raspberry bellini.

Practice patience (in long lines, traffic, or otherwise).

I can honestly say I’ll never be able to practice patience ever. Patience is just a foreign concept to me!

Take your vitamins.

I definitely need to start! I get a little bit anaemic when I’m stressed, so I really should start taking iron tablets.

Relieve your stress via healthy strategy.

This is the gym for me!

Get an 8-hour night of sleep … EVERY night.

My tactic is more along the lines of sleep 12 hours on a weekend, and 5-6 on a weeknight….well it balances out, right?

Sing in the shower without embarrassment.

I sing in the car without embarrassment instead. Who doesn’t love driving to a bit of Disney?


How do your answers compare to mine? Do you think this checklist is accurate? Let me know in the comments!

My 2018 new year’s resolutions

My 2018 Goals

This time last year I wrote a post about my reflections and gratitude, you can read it by clicking here! But this year I’ve decided to still stay on the new year’s theme, but share my new year’s resolutions instead. Read on to find out my 2018 new year’s resolutions.


Smash my career

With myself just starting out in my career, this one’s quite a biggy! I’m really enjoying getting stuck into the world of digital marketing. So I plan to really smash this goal throughout 2018.

Remain motivated in the gym

I’m really enjoying my gym routine at the minute and I’ve learnt quite a lot about fitness this year. So I just really want to keep this motivation up. I’m quite happy with my body shape at the minute, so 2018 is going to be the year of maintaining.

Look after my skin better

I’ve been gifted some skin care products from a well-known brand (a post is coming!). And it’s just made me realise how bad I’m treating my skin! One of my good friends is really into skincare, so I’m hoping I’m going to learn a few tips and tricks next year.

Work with more brands

After blogging for almost three years now, 2017 was finally the year I got the opportunity to work with brands. 2017 brought collabs with Skinny Tan, Xercise4Less, CaseApp, Beefeater, Budva, Dylon, Clive Christian, Cheese Postie, Structure Hair and Neal and Wolf.  If you want to read more about my year in review, you can do so by clicking here!

Start dating

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date now, I think around 10 months! So I think 2018 is the year I’ll force myself into bumbling and tindering. What can go wrong, eh?

Leave England more

I want to leave the country as many times as I can really. I have zero plans right now. So here’s to being optimistic!


What’s everyone’s 2018 resolutions? Please let me know in the comments!