Case App: Christmas gift ideas*

Personalised gifts from Case App I’ve worked with Case App quite a few times now…Check out my fave Case App collab here! So when they got in touch to see if i’d be interested in working together to produce a Christmas gift guide, I obviously leaped at the chance! Read on to check out the personalised […]

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How to make new friends in your twenties

coffee art

My tips for meeting new people in your twenties It’s no huge revelation that your twenties is full of change. Leaving university often means a huge U turn for your social life, as many of your friends move home or away for graduate jobs. But how do you go about adding some new friends to […]

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I'm another year older: what do I want?

I’ve hit my mid-twenties, how did this happen? I can’t believe I’ve officially hit my mid-twenties. Twenty four is might the twenties, right? I thought I’d get myself out of my blogging break and put together a little post talking about all the things I want out of being 24. Read on to discover all […]

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Help, is this the 'twenties, 20'?

walking away

My friends are calling me dramatic RN. You have been warned… I’ve literally just found out about this concept called the ‘twenties, 20’. You know like the ‘freshers, 13’, but this weight gain that happens in your 20s. As opposed to being caused by cheap jager and dodge pizza shop meal deals, (fond memories!) The […]

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Knocking International Women's Day on it's head

Do females really support other females? I read an amazing blog post the other day about how female friendships change in your mid-twenties. And it really got me thinking and inspired this post. Unless you were living under a social media sized rock this Thursday, you’ll know it was international women’s day. And International Women’s […]

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