Bondi Sands: my first impressions

Bondi Sands' self-tanning foam: a review Being from the north east of England, I am partial to a layer or two of fake-tan, especially in summer! Bondi Sands is a brand my friends always seem to rave about but personally have never used myself. I've worked with Skinny Tan before and was super impressed! However, at … Continue reading Bondi Sands: my first impressions



My hair routine has never been so organised! So the other week I was gifted a Premium Styling Dock by Minky, a heatproof storage system for your straighteners, curlers and hairdryers, and it has already become a lifesaver! Read on to discover more about this handy little invention.  WHAT IS A PREMIUM STYLING DOCK? So … Continue reading PREMIUM STYLING DOCK: A REVIEW

Are you a blogger under 100k? Why 2018 is your time to shine!

Influencer marketing is changingAre you super frustrated at constantly seeing the more well-known bloggers, getting all the luck when it comes to big brand collaborations? Well, all that's about to change! Yep, influencer marketing is changing. And let's not forget I work in digital marketing, so I should know... Please note: Even though this post … Continue reading Are you a blogger under 100k? Why 2018 is your time to shine!