My skincare routine to achieve flawless skin

My flawless skincare routine perfect for sensitive skin

So recently, I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted some skincare products! With having sensitive skin, I’ve been pretty limited to Nieva products, as everything else seems to bring me out in a rash! Face masks are a big no-no, with even products from Soap and Glory and Dermalogica having caused reactions. However, I finally got to mix my skincare routine up when I was gifted some new products. Read on to discover my flawless skincare routine which is perfect for sensitive skin.



My skincare routine

So I was lucky enough to be sent the M-Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask and several cleansing cloths from Cloud Cloth. Normally I just remove my makeup using Nieva make-up removal wipes, followed by moisturising with the Nieva 24 hour moisture boost. It was a hardly adventurous routine and I was jealous of my friends being able to use pretty much whatever product they liked.

I think I have fairly average skin, considering it’s sensitive. I sometimes get the odd spot. But I’ve never suffered from acne, even when I was a teenager. I normally get dry skin around my eyebrows, but that’s pretty standard from waxing. Considering I have sensitive skin, I’ve never actually had an allergic reaction to make-up. Heavy foundations do tend to cause more spots, but I’ve never had an issue using my current fave by Nars, (click here to read the review!)


(M)Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask

This is the first time ever a cleansing mask that hasn’t caused an allergic reaction. So I’m super grateful for having received this! To apply the mask, mix the powder with a small amount of water, which forms a sort of clay in your hands. It didn’t take me long to get the consistency right, but you can always adjust it till it feels right! Then apply it to your face and leave for a few minutes. You’ll notice your skin suddenly starts to firm up as the clay dries. This is when I removed it with warm water.

Often masks are really difficult to wash off. However, this washed off instantly, making me more likely to use it more regularly! I did sort of feel like I was giving off orange skrek vibes, but you’ve got to do these things in the name of beauty, right?

Visit (M)Botanicals to get your hands on the Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask for £25.

img_0649Cloud cloths

I removed the M-Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask using one of my cloud cloths. The cloud cloths come in a pack of three and are reusable by simply popping them in the washing machine. The cloud cloths are double-sided, so one side is super soft and is perfect for removing make-up, masks and skincare products. And is completely fine to be used on sensitive skin, like mine! With the other side designed for exfoliation and buffing the skin.

I’ve never used anything like this before, but I was super impressed! The cloths are so soft and removed the mask instantly. I plan to really utilise these cloths in my skincare routine, so I can’t wait to try them using different products.

Vist cloud cloth to get your hands on a pack of three for just £8. 


Have you tried any of these products before? What’s your usual skincare routine? Please let me know in the comments!


Febuary’s beauty brand of the month: Zoeva

The budget beauty brand with the high-quality finish

I’ve been eyeing up Zoeva on Beauty Bay for a while now, but I’m a bit fussy when it comes to ordering beauty products online! But throughout this year, each month I’m aiming to do a feature where I try out and review a beauty brand I’ve used tried before, (you can read last month’s here! ) And as you can see, February’s beauty brand of the month is Zoeva. Read on to discover my thoughts on the brand…




A bit about Zoeva

Zoeva is a German cosmetics brand with a focus on the individual beauty of women with a love for colour cosmetics and pretty make-up brushes. All their products are super affordable. Think palettes from just £17.50! But as well as being super affordable, Zoeva also has a reputation for creating amazing pigmentation in their products too. I’ve been reading reviews on Beauty Bay for a while now, so I was really excited to finally get my mitts on the products and try them out for myself!


My thoughts

I don’t really use blusher in my everyday makeup look, as I normally opt for a subtle contour followed by lots of highlighter. However, a couple of make-up artists have recently told me about how using a little blusher just completes and softens your look. So I put myself on a little mission to expand my blusher collection!

The Nude Spectrum Blush Palette has really good reviews on Beauty Bay. And for just £15 I was really curious about the product. And when it came, I was not disappointed! I applied it for the first time this morning and I couldn’t believe how pigmented the shades are! I was planning to mix to colours together, but the first swipe of my brush was definitely enough product! The shades are slightly pinkier than how they appear on the palette. But as they’re matte brown hues, I think having a slightly pinkier finish makes it easier to blend into your contour.

The rose golden luxe cheek finish brush is really pretty, with super soft brushes. It’s such a good size too. As often powder brushes can be unnecessarily bulky. But this brush fits in my makeup without taking up too much space. You can use the cheek finish brush to apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter. However, after a quick browse through the rose golden brush collection, I thought would get the most out of this brush by using it to apply powered blusher.


Get the look

I purchased both products directly from Beauty Bay together for £30, including next day delivery! I really recommend signing up for the newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest offers and discounts!

The Rose Golden Vol.2 126 Luxe Cheek Finish Brush is available from Beauty Bay at just £15


My Zoeva wishlist

Now I’m fell in love with these Zoeva products, I can’t wait to get my mitts on some more! Check out my wishlist below:

Zoeva Basic Moment Palette – £18



Have you tried Zoeva before? What do you think of the brand? Please let me know in the comments!

How I achieve my flawless skin

The foundation you need for perfect Instagram worthy skin

I used to switch my foundations as often as I changed my mood. So if you know me well, you’ll know that’s a hell of a lot! But when you finally find a long-lasting foundation that just works for you, you can count your lucky stars that your days of patchy off-colored skin are finally over! Read on to read my full review of the All Day Luminous foundation by Nars


I recommend getting matched

I 100% recommend going to get your foundation matched professionally. I never for a second thought my perfect match would be the 4th shade from the lightest! But I can honestly say I’ve never had a foundation that’s ever acted like a second skin before. This foundation is super lightweight, with the highest coverage I’ve ever had from a foundation. I don’t like cakey heavy foundations, as I don’t think they look natural and tend to bring me out in spots. But All Day Luminous leaves my skin clear and spot free! I always apply foundation with a real techniques sponge.

It’s all in the base

If your base doesn’t sit perfectly on your skin, neither does the rest of your makeup! I prep my skin using NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Liquid Primer in yellow. The primer gets rid of any red spots and gives you a nice glow.

I set my foundation with the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. I apply my makeup around 8am each morning and my base is still perfect at 9pm when I remove it.

Get the look

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation – £34

NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Liquid Primer in yellow – £9

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – £24

Real techniques sponge – £4.93



Have you tried the All Day Luminous foundation before? What’s your favourite foundation? Please let me know in the comments!

The perfect palette to channel your natural beauty

Too Faced natural matte: the review

If you regularly read my blog, you’ll know Too Faced is my favourite beauty brand at the minute! If you missed the post, you can read all about the brand and my favourite products by clicking here. So anyway, I was lucky enough to win employee of the month at work and they got me a Debenham’s beauty voucher…I know, they know me so well! So from the voucher, I treat myself to Natural Matte palette by Too Faced. Which I’ve been eyeing up for what feels like forever! Read on to discover my thoughts on the palette…





I’m all about that natural beauty

It’s very rare for me to even bother attempt eyeliner these days! My signature beauty look has become all about long natural lashes, using Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, bold brows and a touch of bronzer to emphasise my cheekbones. So I want to use a palette that really works with my ‘no make-up’ make-up look I’m channelling. And for this look, Natural Matte palette by Too Faced fits the bill!

More on the Natural Matte palette

Like the Boudoir Eyes by Too Faced (read the review here!) the Natural Matte palette is also super super pigmented. Often matte shades can be quite hard to blend. But these shades blend well together so even the people that struggle with eye makeup (like myself!) can still achieve a really good look! And like their other palettes, Too Faced have picked the perfect shade names. Sexpresso, Cashmere Bunny and Lace Teddy are my faves.

If you haven’t purchased a Too Faced Palette before, you should know that each palette comes with a little booklet on how to achieve different looks. Yes, that means no faffing about on a morning! As this booklet tells you exactly which shades to use and how to blend them. Honestly, these booklets literally save me so much time and stress!

The Natural Matte palette comes with three different looks; Day, Classic and Fashion. My personal fave is Fashion, and if you look at the image below, that’s the look I’ve created! I’m not going to tell you how to create the looks, you’ll have to get your mitts on the palette for yourself. But for natural everyday beauty, I really do think this is the perfect palette!


Have you tried the Natural Matte palette? What do you think of the Too Faced brand? Please let me know in the comments!

Are you a blogger under 100k? Why 2018 is your time to shine!

Influencer marketing is changing

Are you super frustrated at constantly seeing the more well-known bloggers, getting all the luck when it comes to big brand collaborations? Well, all that’s about to change! Yep, influencer marketing is changing. And let’s not forget I work in digital marketing, so I should know…

enlight684Please note: Even though this post does not feature any tea reviews, my blog is mostly powered by caffeine. 

The facts

As a blogger, you’ll know influencers play a huge and vital role in a brand’s marketing strategy. As figures show your readers are 90% more likely to trust the content you’ve created, in comparison to just 33% who just ads from brands themselves! So us bloggers have got quite a lot of power, haven’t we?

So what’s a micro influencer?

A micro influencer is basically any bloggers or social media influencers with less than 100k followers across all their social media sites. And a macro influencer is a social media user with more than 100k followers.

Outreach Marketing

So what’s changed in the marketing world?

PR/Marketing agencies and marketers are noticing more and more diva-like behaviour from big-name bloggers…and they’re getting fed up of it! Expensive rates and an unwillingness to work with lesser known brands aren’t uncommon. So marketers are finding more success in developing relationships with more reliable lesser known bloggers. Lesser known bloggers are often (but not always) much more friendly in their approach to collabs and campaigns. And take it from someone who deals with PRs for own blog, as well as contacting bloggers for my job, you’re going to have much more success in the blogger world if you’re NICE on emails, despite whatever your social media following is!

Did you know micro influencers are 4x more likely to engage in a branded post compared to macro influencers?

These lesser known bloggers also much more likely to promote more niche topics and brands. So if a marketer is trying to get a new brand’s name out there, we’re going to simply dismiss the big names and come straight to a reliable micro influencer. But that’s not a bad thing. New brands and products have to get their name out somehow! And imagine how it could do for your blog, if that unheard of brand, really takes off!

And once you’ve shown marketers and PRs how good your content is, you’ll be contacted again and again! An example from my own blog is the relationship I’ve built with a well-known agency in the marketing world, who’ve provided me with the recent collabs with Clive Christian and L’Occitane. And this agency has so many other well-known high street clients! I know, exciting right?


As a blogger, what do you think of this change in influencer marketing? Do you think it’s fair on the more well-known bloggers? Let me know in the comments!

My current lip picks

The three matte lipsticks I’m loving

This year I want to be more adventurous with my makeup, especially with my lip colour! I’m a definitely matte lipstick kinda girl, however, you can cheat lip fillers by copying my glossy full pout here.  I wouldn’t pay more than £20 for a lipstick just because of how likely I am to lose it! And with so many good quality formulas available, why should you need to break the bank for a lipstick? Read on to find out which brands and shades I’m loving right now.



Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid 20 PIONEER

This is the cheapest of the bunch at £9.99 and the only drugstore purchase. Pioneer is a dark berry red shade, which is a little too much for daytime makeup or work. But it’s the perfect shade for drinks or a nice dinner! The formula is a little drying and needs about three coats to get a good amount of pigmentation. But I loved the final look, click here to see me wearing the shade.

You can purchase Pioneer from at £9.99 from Superdrug here.


Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in QUEEN BEE

This is the perfect daytime nude, with an undertone of lilac. This is the most expensive out of the bunch. The formula isn’t drying and is really long lasting. So one coat lasts all day! Which is ideal considering how many cups of coffee I drink a day! Too Faced is my brand to watch in 2018, if you missed the post, you can catch up here.

You can purchase Queen Bee at £19 from Debenhams here. 


Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in CAFÉ AU CHIC

This is my personal fave out of the three, as the shade is just so different compared to anything else in my lipstick collection! The shade is a greyed beige, so it’s basically a light brown. MAC is always pretty good for lipsticks, so even though they’re a little on the pricey side compared to drugstore lipsticks, you get what you pay for really! I’d recommend applying vaseline or lip primer before using this, as I own a couple of shades from this range and they show all of the dead skin on your lips…which is definitely not a good look! So I recommend prepping your lips to avoid this. I’m wearing Cafe au Chic in the picture below.

You can purchase Cafe au Chic directly from Mac here. 


Have you tried any of these liquid lipsticks? What are your current fave brands for lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!

2018’s brand to look out for

Let’s talk about all the love I have for Too Faced

I can’t believe this is my first post of 2018! I’ve had a pretty stressful few days, so I’ve been a little bit absent from social media. However, my blogging head is firmly back on and I’m ready to get cracking! So my first post of the year is all about my love for Too Faced. I’ve talked about this brand before (click here to read!), however in 2018 I reckon this beauty brand is going to be HUGE! Read on to find out why…



Worth the hype?

So Better Than Sex has my been favourite mascara since I discovered it, nearly two years ago. I’ve hopped between brands for blogging purposes, but I’ve struggled to find another mascara that offers this amount of length and curl to lashes. From discovering this mascara, it opened my eyes to the rest of brands amazing products.

Next, I tried the Born This Way foundation. And this was my favourite foundation till I discovered my current fave by Nars. I loved everything about Born This Way, apart from the shades it had to offer (the Debenhams offerings are pretty limited!). However, after a trip to the Too Faced store on Carnaby Street in London, I realised there were so many more shades available, than just the 6 you can buy in Debenhams. So I reckon during my next trip to the capital, I’ll definitely have to get my mitts on a better-matched shade!

I’m loving some of the Too Faced lip products too. But you’ll have to wait for my Lip Picks post to find out which lip products I’m lusting over right now.

All the Too Faced products come in really pretty packaging with detailed instructions, are vegan and cruelty free, and not to mention some products are even scented! Chocolate flavoured eye-shadow? Yes, please!

Boudoir Eyes

This is my first palette I’ve purchased by Too Faced and I’m literally amazed by it. All shades are super pigmented and come with instructions so you know what looks work well together. The palette contains three different looks and states these eye looks will take 3 minutes to create. However, I’ve been creating the ‘jour’ look for work each morning and it’s definitely taking me under a minute!

The looks are described from ‘softly nude’ to ‘subtly seductive’. Which in other terms, are day and night looks. If really recommend you go purchase this palette, ’cause it completely knocks the Urban Decay Naked palettes out of the water. I just really love the looks you can create, as it’s completely upped my make-up game!


My Too Faced Wishlist

Too Faced – ‘Natural Eyes’ shadow palette.

A similar palette to the Boudoir Eye, but with more nude and brown shades.


Too Faced – ‘Chocolate Bar’ eyeshadow palette

A larger palette of matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, nude pinks, and plums. This palette comes highly recommended by my friend Chantelle…Click here to read her brand spanking new blog!


Too Faced – ‘Chocolate Soleil’ bronzer

I really want to try this award-winning bronzer and branch out of my usual Hola, by Benefit. And not to mention it’s packaged like a chocolate coin!


Have you tried any Too Faced products before? Which products do you love? Please let me know in the comments!

Illamasqua: my brand first impressions

OMG: The review

I’ve been lusting over this highlighter for what feels like forever. But at £34, I was struggling to part with my hard earned cash! But thanks to good ‘ol Santa, I’ve finally got my mitts on it! Read on to find out my review…


It’s called OMG for a reason.

After I few finger swabs in Debenhams, I already knew how pigmented this highlighter was. So I couldn’t wait to see how the product would apply to my face, and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s unbelievably pigmented and so so pretty. I mention all the time how much I love highlighters in champagne hues. ‘Cause champagne shades can be applied for a subtle shine, but are also really buildable at the same time.

I use Hoola bronzer by Benefit for my contour. And OMG really compliments the bronzer and blends well. I know £34 does seem like a lot of money for one highlighter, but I’ve been assured it literally last years! So if you fall in love with a shade as much as I have, it’s basically an investment, right?


Get the look

I applied the highlighter using a finishing brush, to my cheekbones, tip of my nose, and a little just above my top lip. For extra sparkle, apply to your brow line.


Get the products

If like me, you need to see beauty products in person, you can buy Illamasqua products in store from Debenhams. Or purchase directly from Illasmasqua by clicking here.

I’m not really a fan of using fan brushes to apply highlighter. Shop my favourite setting brush by Real Techniques by clicking here. 


Get the dupe here

Can’t quite bring yourself to spend £34 on a highlighter? Don’t worry, click here to read about my favourite drugstore dupe.

img_6443Have you used any Illamasqua products before? What do you think of the brand? Let me know in the comments!

November beauty favourites

There’s been quite a lot of new beauty posts this month, so I thought I’d do a quick round up to finish off the month! And talk about all my faves. I’ll post all links to the full reviews below, to so you can have a good ‘ol catch up.


24251244_10210961342694989_1812429877_oNARS all day luminous foundation.

My favourite purchase of the month has been the NARS all day luminous foundation. The struggle is real when it comes to me getting everything I want from a good foundation. I know I’m a needy person, but honestly is good coverage, shade, and longevity too much? All I want to do is go home from the office with my foundation still in tact, and still on point for my gym selfies.

But this light-weight formula offers an unbelievable level of coverage. Far better than anything I’ve tried before! It manages to stay put all day, and the formula is so far from cakey. And not to mention the huuuuge range of shades available! My previous favourites foundations include All Nighter by Urban Decay, and Too Faced Born This Way. But this foundation is in a different league of foundation all together. Although £35 is on the expensive side for foundation, I can imagine this bottle will last be a while!


Goddess of Love by I love Make-up

I’ve never actually heard of this brand till I stumbled a stall in Meadowhall Superdrug. The stall seemed to have a massive hype around it, and when I finally got my mitts on some testers, I could see why! The eyeshadows, highlighters and bronzers were so incredibly pigmented! And at under a fiver, they make a great addition to your make-up bag! And if champagne isn’t your thing, there’s so many different hues of highlighters available. So even the most highlight fanatic will fall in love with a least one product. And let’s not forget to mention the super cute heart shaped packaging. So instaworthy, am I right?


Power Hungry by Mac

Power hungry is the perfect palette for everyday wear, with it’s super pigmented golden and nude tones. I love the shade names too! My personal favourites are ‘Bossing It’ and ‘Money Mad. You can create looks that are super pretty and subtle without being too over the top. With Power Hungry, it only takes two minutes to finish my eyes…Which means more time in bed! The highlighter is AMAZING too! ‘Gimme That’ is super pigmented, and has had me eyeing up other highlighters from Mac…so watch this space!


Mac Diva II and Rimmel Nude Shock

I was lusting after lush, glossy, fuller lips. So I had a mini Superdrug haul a few weeks ago, and I picked up the Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in NUDESHOCK 100. Which is just shade an amazing glossy pinky nude shade. I have a pet peeve of beigey nudes, but NUDESHOCK has a much more pink hue. By combing the GLAM II as a base, and then applying NUDESHOCK creates the perfect glossy pout. Glam II creates a more defined fuller lip, with no need for lip pencils. And then applying NUDESHOCK leaves a glossy finish, without being too sticky. And this look has officially become my go-to everyday lip.

Read the full reviews here:

Goddess of Love by I love Make-up

Power Hungry by Mac

Mac Diva II and Rimmel Nude Shock

What are your beauty favourites this month? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

The most pigmented highlighter you’ll find on the highstreet

I’ve been eyeing up a highlighter by Illamasqua a while now. But with December next month and at £30, it’s definitely something for my Christmas list! So i’ve been on the hunt for a champagne dupe, and stumbled across this little beauty in Superdrug.




This is by a brand called I love Make-up, in the shade Goodness Of Love. I’ve never actually heard of this brand till I stumbled a stall in Meadowhall Superdrug. The stall seemed to have a massive hype around it, and when I finally got my mitts on some testers, I could see why! The eyeshadows, highlighters and bronzers were so incredibly pigmented! And at under a fiver, they make a great addition to your make-up bag!And if champagne isn’t your thing, there’s so many different hues of highlighters available. So even the most highlight fanatic will fall in love with a least one product. And let’s not forget to mention the super cute heart shaped packaging. So instaworthy, am I right?

For a glowy finish, I blend the power above my cheek bones, tip of my nose, top of my lip, and a little on my chin. For a more statement glow, I just add simply add more powder to brush! You can see above how pigmented it is by the images, so a little powder goes a long way to achieve a nice glow.

You can shop the Goddess Of Love here. It retails at only £4.99 from Superdrug.

Highlighers your thing? You can read my review of Watts Up here, or my find out more about Ultimate Glow Kit by ABH by clicking here. Have you heard of I Love Make-up before? What do you think of the brand? Let me know in the comments!