What happened when I got body-shamed in the gym

How to deal with feeling uncomfortable at the gym

So I’ve been going to the gym regularly for nearly two years now. And in that time, not once have I felt uncomfortable during my workout. Sometimes I feel a bit bloated post-treat day, the joys of having IBS! But other than that, I feel pretty comfortable walking around in my lyrca. This was until a few weeks ago when I got body-shamed during my workout. Read on to discover what happened…img_9552

My body-shame story

So a couple of weeks ago I was doing my usual gym routine (you can follow it by clicking here!) and during this gym session, I got body-shamed by a group of lads. Normally I always take my headphones to the gym, but this evening I accidentally left them in the car. With it being absolutely freezing outside, I decided I’d just power through my routine without music. After doing the cardio section of my workout, I headed towards the hip reduction machine. When I got there, there was a group of lads stood around this corner of the gym. In the nicest possible way, these lads were the type of people you’d avoid in the street. Air maxes, caps, tracky bottoms…do I need to go on? They clocked I didn’t have any headphones in and began to taunt me.

At first, it wasn’t anything too upsetting. They said I was using the machine wrong as well making digs I was on my phone, while I was using the machine. If you know what a hip reduction machine looks like, I don’t see why you wouldn’t use/hold your phone! After this, they began to body-shame me. They taunted me, telling me I had a ‘stomach on me’, trying their best to make me feel really uncomfortable. Up until this point, I’d kept my head down, hoping they’d just get bored. But when a group of males purposely body-shames a girl on her own in the gym, it’s just one step too far.

I’m a size 6 petite girl, I’m definitely not fat and I don’t have a ‘stomach on me’. But it’s hardly the point, is it? I’d like to add that the staff at Pure Gym Sheffield were super helpful. As soon as I alerted the staff, the group of males headed straight to the door. It was hardly surprising, they obviously knew what they’d been doing was wrong.

I got told at the very least they’d get a strict warning from the gym, if not banned. But if I was really insecure about my body, this experience would have definitely made me think twice about heading back to the gym.

How to deal with feeling uncomfortable at the gym

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable

Just because you see someone on Instagram wearing leggings and a crop top, it doesn’t mean you have to! When I have a bad IBS flare up, the last thing I want to do is just wear a crop top! No one cares about how you look at the gym, other than you! So wear clothes that make you feel comfortable during your workout.

Remember your headphones

Listening to music helps me zone out during my workout. If you find the gym an uncomfortable environment, listening to music will give you a much needed distraction and relax you.

Avoid peak times

If you find the gym uncomfortable, try and avoid going at peak times! If there are fewer people in the gym, you might find your workout a lot less stressful. Also, fewer people in the gym, means fewer people using your machines! So chances are, you’ll be able to complete your workout faster.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the gym? Have you got any tips on dealing with it? Please let me know in the comments!


How do you get your vitamins?

Here’s a quick fix for all you lazy people

So here’s a good question: who out of us actually regularly takes their vitamins? And who 100% knows they get all their nutrients from their diet? ‘Cause I know I bloody well don’t! So if you’re super lazy like me, this handy little spray is the perfect quick fix! Read on to find out more about Nutrient Wise and their genius vitamin spray!



Vitamin Spray

Forgot vitamin pills or drops! With this spray, taking your vitamins is as quick and easy as a squirt of fave perfume or as a spray of your most reliable setting spray! And just like perfume and setting spray, you’ll be reaching for this spray as part of your new morning routine. The spray has a lovely peppermint taste too, so it leaves your mouth feeling all fresh and clean. You know that feeling where you’ve eaten half a pack of large Tic Tacs or you’ve just rinsed your mouth with super fresh mouthwash? That’s the feeling this spray gives you!

As I feel myself reaching my mid-twenties full steam ahead, I’m desperately trying to be more of an adult and look after myself better! So even if I have to set reminders to force myself to moisturise and take my vitamins, I’m gonna bloody well make sure I do!

Now for the sciencey bit

Vitamin D is super important for your teeth and bones. As well as your brain and immune system. You wouldn’t leave the house without brushing your teeth, so why should you leave the house without taking your vitamins? Get on board with the revolution of vitamin taking, by purchasing the spray for just £5.99 by clicking here! 

More about the brand

Nutrient Wise is a start-up company who actually give 20% off all their profits to local charities, with a strong focus supporting families and children from less fortunate backgrounds. I know, bloody amazing right? Getting supporting now and try the spray for yourself!


What do you think of the idea of vitamin spray? Do you think this is a necessary part of our diet? Please let me know in the comments!

Kick starting your Janaury fitness

Anyone else lost all fitness motivation?

Yeah me too! After all the chocolate and the cheese and the Yorkshire Puds, my motivation for the gym and healthy eating seemed to go completely out of the window! And do you know what was even worse? When I finally forced myself to the gym, every little workout and every machine was such a strugg! Read on to find out how I kickstarted my January fitness…



 Edge your way back in

There’s no way you can manage your usual gym routine if you’ve had a couple of weeks break. Or even if you do, your workout is going to be a massive strugg! I was following my ass workout (click here to follow it too!), and I actually thought I was dying. I couldn’t manage my usual reps and I was definitely feeling the burn during cardio. So please don’t make the same mistake as me and instead just edge your way back in! If you can’t manage your usual reps right away, don’t punish yourself. You’ll get back on track soon.


Don’t go cold turkey!

I bet like me you still have loads of Christmas chocolate left over! And no one wants to waste chocolate, do they? As you’ve been indulging throughout December, does it really matter if you treat yourself for a little longer? Allow yourself some of the leftover food in small portions. Otherwise, you’ll just feel super frustrated and scoff the entire box of chocolates. And no one likes food guilt, do they?


Treat yourself to some new activewear

Nothing gives me motivation quite like brand new gym clothes. I’m absolutely loving the range by Alice Liveing in collaboration with Primark. It’s the same quality as my Nike and Adidas activewear, which completely shocked me. And you definitely can’t see my underwear through my leggings. And us girls that squat, know how annoying that can be! I got my mitts on a sports bra, (which I’ll be ‘gramming soon ’cause it’s amazing!) leggings, vest, and socks for £22! Which is a full £18 less than the Gym Shark leggings I was eyeing up. It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?


Set yourself fitness goals

These goals don’t have to be huge! An extra minute on the treadmill, or go up a weight on that machine you like. For myself, I’m now concentrating on building that ass. This year I’ll be increasing my weights while squatting. And I’ll start concentrating on building, rather than toning.


Were you feeling really rubbish after all the festivities too? What gets you motivated for the gym? Please let me know in the comments!

My Ass workout

I have a love/hate relationship in my approach to getting an ass. I spent the best part of a year trying to achieve a Kimmy K style bum…Only to then spend the next six months trying to run it off! (Click here to view the post!) However, at the minute i’m all about lean legs with a medium size ass. You know, just the ‘right sort of ass’, ass? Okay i’m going to stop saying ass, read on to find out my workout.



Before you read on, you should be aware I’m never ever going to pretend to be some sort of fitness expert or fanatic. I purely go to the gym to try and look good in jeans and my underwear .While maintaining my devotion to stuffed crust pizza. And i’m fully aware different exercises affect people in different ways. The following is just a guide line of what works for myself and my body.

The Cardio

Firstly I warm up with between 5-7 minutes on the treadmill, depending on how i’m feeling. I do this at 6mph on the highest incline setting. I usually burn between 75-100 calories. This exercise tones the back of your thighs, and lifts your ass depending on your stance.

Next, I move onto the step machine for 15 minutes. I build the speed up gradually, and tend to climb around 50 flights of stairs, burning around 100 calories. I vary my steps from one step at a time, to extending my leg and climbing two steps. This really targets and lifts your ass.

The Resistance 

Now I add resistance to my workout and move onto the waist reduction machines. I do 20×4 reps on each machine on a low weight. By doing this, I’ve managed to get rid of a lot the fat on the inside of my legs. At this point I also use the calf press, following the same reps as the waist reduction machines.

The mat workouts

Now I move onto mats. I do bear plank leg lifts and bridge hip lifts, at 20 reps each. (click here to view to learn the moves!)  I feel like these exercises are so great for really stretching your body as well. As I don’t know about you, but targeting your butt a lot tends to leave me feeling a bit achey!

Now I move onto squats. I do goblet squats, as they target your bum without bulking up your thighs in the process! I only add a 6kg kettle bell, as I’m mainly trying to tone muscle and not bulk. I also do kettle bell swings at this point too. Doing reps of 15×2 for each move.


Like I’ve already said, I’m no expert! But I hope you’ve found this helpful in learning how to build or tone a butt. What are your favourite exercises in the gym? Let me know in the comments!


Why I love Xercise

So I’ve been so busy lately my blog seems to have gone out of the window! New city, new job, and my completing my masters…it’s just been absolutely mental. More on that later though!

So I’m happy to announce I’ve been working with Xercise 4 Less, the national budget friendly gym. And with exercise playing a huge role in my life within the last year, here’s a little post talking about why I love it so much. And how this gym has actually changed my life! Including my full routine below.



It was June 2016, and I’d just finished my undergrad and was trying to figure out what I’d spend my whole summer doing. I had a whole summer ahead of me till I started my masters, and as my job wasn’t starting till the september either. So I had a very long wait ahead, on a very tight budget! A lot of my friends were starting to get interested in the gym too. And I was really keen to find out how my body might change! My main aim was to tone my thighs up, and anything else was a bonus.

At this point my gym knowledge was at zero! To give me a little understanding, my friend took me round his gym and showed me the basics. This was the first time I attempted a plank (completely unsuccessfully!) and learnt how much I loved squatting. My friend recommended I use resistance training to achieve my dream pins, and pointed out the machines I would have to use within my gym routine.

For about 3/4s of a year I used the hip abduction machines, leg press, leg curl machines, and the calf extension machine. I combined this with lunges, squats and stretching. I slowly increased my weight and reduced the reps. At first, this routine toned my legs and lifted my bum…and I was super confident and happy with the result! However, as the months went on, I was slowly bulking my legs without realising! At 5ft3, increasing my thighs wasn’t a look I was trying to achieve. Plus I was struggling to find clothes that fitted well! I know instagram is full of super hot curvy weightlifting girls, but it just wasn’t a body shape I wanted for myself.

After discussing my frustration with a PT, I was told to switch my routine up to include both cardio and resistance training. I lowered all my weights, and increased my reps on the machines. And then introduced the treadmill and step machine to my routine. I also switched to goblet squats and kettle bell swings using LOW weights. At this point I lost the lot of the muscle I’d accidentally gained. My current routine is below…


My full gym routine

Resistance and cardio (x2 a week)

  1. 15 minutes fast walk using the treadmill on the hill setting
  2. 5 minutes on the stairs machine, varying from 1-2 steps building the speed
  3. 80 reps on both hip abduction machines
  4. 80 reps on the calf extension machine
  5. Various stretching exercises
  6. 30 leg extensions
  7. 20 goblet squats
  8. 20 kettlebell swings


Resistance and abs day (x1 a week)

  1. 80 reps on both hip abduction machines
  2. 80 reps on calf extension machine
  3. 45 sit ups using the exercise ball
  4. 120 Sitting twists with 5kg weight
  5. 30 leg extensions
  6. 30 goblet squats
  7. 30 kettle bell swings


Even though I have good days and bad days, my relationship with my body has increased immensely! I combine 3 gym sessions with a 90% balance of healthy eating.  Including lots of protein, veg, and healthy fats in my diet. Xercise 4 less has allowed me to gym whilst I’ve been at home or away at university, with access to plenty of gyms around the country for only £15 a month! I couldn’t fault any of the gyms I’ve attended, with loads of support available if you need it.

My only regret is not getting into fitness earlier! What are your thoughts on the gym? What’s your usual gym routine? Let me know in the comments!