What are the negatives of blogging?

Life of Luce with a cocktail

Let’s talk about the cons of being a blogger So I’ve been blogging for just under four years. The first two years I basically just blogged for the fun of it. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I didn’t know the bloody first thing about SEO and I wasn’t aiming for the free products. […]

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Understanding the blogger outreach lingo

laptop on pink background

An insider account of a digital marketing campaign (and understanding what the different terms mean!) The ways bloggers and influencers are used in digital marketing campaigns are constantly shifting. The world of MySpace seems like almost forever ago doesn’t it? And not to mention vloggers like Zoella have been around for almost ten years now. […]

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Welcome to lifeofluce 2.0!

My blogs had a little makeover! I was starting to fall out of love with blogging and was purely only keeping Life of Luce going for the sponsored posts. Sponsored posts can be pretty lucrative, you know? I was bored of content writing, bored of the blogging world and most importantly, bored of the limitations […]

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How I monetised my blog

My top tips for making cash in the bloggersphere So I’ve been blogging for approximately three and a half years now and I’ll be honest, it’s only in the past six months that I’ve ever made any money from my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving gifts! But there’s nothing quite like receiving money […]

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How honest should we really be?

You’re never going to love every gift As a blogger, I think it’s really hard to know where I should draw the line when it comes to reviewing products. I work in marketing, so I know incredibly important it is to have a good relationship with brands. But sometimes, the products can well, just bit […]

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