Glossybox Black Friday edition

The Glossybox Black Friday mystery box If you read my last post on the All I Want Cyber Monday Glossybox, you’ll know I had a bit of a treat yo’ self moment and splurged on both boxes from ‘cyber weekend’. Unlike the All I Want Glossybox, the Black Friday box was a bit of a […]

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Glossybox All I Want: a review

My thoughts on the Cyber Monday glossy box So I caved and not only bought the Glossy Box Black Friday edition, I decided why not add the All I Want Box to my basket as well…oops! I spent most of my leftover October pay on Black Friday gifts for other people. So even though I […]

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November Glossybox: the beauty sos box

glossy box: sos box

The beauty SOS box So it’s that time of the month again already, heeyyy this month’s Glossy Box! (Catch up on the October Glossybox here) My first thought on this month’s box was how similar the packaging is to the Glossybox advent calendar. Maybe this is a sign of what’s to come in the advent calendar….I […]

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Glossybox October: my thoughts

glossybox october

So I’ve just received my first ever Glossybox! I know, a bit late to the show aren’t I? So after seeing a huge hype around beauty advent calender’s last year…I swear everyone and their dog (they actually make doggy ones FYI) had a beauty/candle/cheese/ fancy exotic limited-edition Peruvian chocolate advent calendar made from unicorn tears. […]

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