About Luce


My names Lucy and I’m 23, from a small very boring place called Normanby (in the middle of Middlesbrough and Redcar, in the North East of England). I’ll fight you to the death to defend the fact it’s North Yorkshire… plus there’s several hundred maps on google that back me up!

I’m a digital marketing executive at a small agency in Sheffield. So I get to spend my days sat on social media, writing content and drinking coffee. Basically what I spend my days off doing too! I have a BA in public relations from the University of Sunderland and a masters in Advertising and Marketing at the University of Leeds. I just spent four years winging it to be honest.

This blog is a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I’ve always really loved clothes, but since starting this blog, but I’ve become a bit of a self-confessed make-up addict. I’ve also recently expanded into fitness, food and blogging advice.

My blog has evolved so much since I did my first outfit shoot in a Tesco toilet back in January 2015! So I hope you  stay up to date with my journey and enjoy reading my posts, as much as I enjoy writing them.  

Luce x



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