What are my goals for 2019?

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What is the difference between goals and resolutions?

I think resolutions are more quick fixes! You know, like those people who join the gym and can’t make it through January. No judgement here, I’ve been there!

But I see goals as more of long term plans. Like for example, buying a house. Why not read on to discover my goals for the new year and see if they match up to yours?

My goals for 2019

And it turns out I have a whole lot of them! P.S. ignore my bruised legs, my dog kept trying to jump on my lap on Christmas day but kept slipping down due to my tights. It was honestly a life saver i’d picked a midi dress for new year’s eve!

My money goals

  • Set myself a monthly budget of what I can spend on ‘me’ (clothes, make-up, hair, nails ect) and actually stick to it!
  • Transfer equal amounts into my saving account and ISA each month
  • Pay the remainder of my student overdraft off. I’m nearly there now!
  • Put money aside for Christmas and my car insurance well before December (My car insurance is due in January F.Y.I.)
  • Save up the remaining amount so I can purchase a new Mac Book.

My Career goals

  • Continue to develop my skills in my field.
  • Smash some more outreach and PR campaigns. Bloggers why don’t you head over to my twitter to stay up to date with my latest campaigns?
  • Read more industry relevant news.

My personal development goals

  • Read more often. I currently only read the news and other blogs.
  • Be kinder to myself if I feel like I’ve gained weight, or if I’m having an ugly or fat day.

My health goals

  • Experiment more with veggie and vegan foods.
  • Remain on track with my current fitness plan.
  • Attend more fitness classes throughout the year.
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How much do your goals for the new year match up to mine? You’ll have to set let me know in the comments!

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