2018: my year in review

Life of Luce drinking

And oh what a year it’s been!

I’ve had a little break from my blog over Christmas. I just wanted to chill out, relax and basically not do anything that didn’t involve gin, food or Netflix! So here here I am all recuperated with my first post of 2019. Which as you’ve guessed, is a little review of last year.

It’s always nice to do a little reflection of the year. Like what went wrong? What would I change?

But even though 2018 had it’s bad points, I did move back to my favourite city (ey up Leeds), made new friends and bagged myself a better job. And I also met my lovely boyfriend!

So cheers! Happy New Year everyone.

I had some pretty amazing brand collaborations

It’s been another exciting year for Life of Luce. I had lots more brand collaborations, which you can check out here! And I even started to get my first social campaigns in 2018, which I was super proud of!

I added some new categories to Life Of Luce

I added fitness and food categories to the blog. I’ve loved fitness for quite a while now, so it definitely made sense to start rambling on about my workouts too. As I’ve stated before, I am not qualified in fitness or a PT, these are just workouts that I’ve found work for my body.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to restaurant openings (the dream) and had opportunities to sample food from the likes of Turtle Bay, Pavs Dhaba and Trinity Kitchen to name a few. You can check out all my restaurant reviews my visiting my food category.

But not only did I get the opportunity to eat out, I also got some practise in the kitchen myself through collaborations with Yutaka. By some miracle, I managed to avoid burning the house down!

I moved cities and jobs

I would probably go as far to say I absolutely hated living in Sheffield. Other than meeting my lovely friend/housemate Kelly, who I shared a lot of reality tv binges with, my time in Steel city wasn’t exactly that fab.

I missed my friends and home so much. And graduate wages don’t exactly leave you rolling in it. So watching my uni friends come and go for Tramlines was mentally the final straw. The following month I handed my notice in, moved up the career ladder (and 40 mins up the M1) back to my uni city of Leeds.

I explored some new places

I didn’t go to no where near as many places as I’d have liked…thank you graduate wage! But I got to visit London, Liverpool, Barcelona and Bolton… home to an extremely cultural pastry selection.

Now that I’ve moved up in my a career, I’ve started a travel bucket list. So hopefully I can go ‘find myself’ while laid on a white beach with a raspberry mojito in both hands.

I went blonde and got a boyfriend

From the end of summer I started the painful journey of going from pretty much black, to a ‘bronde’ balayage. I absolutely love the colour of my hair now, as I definitely look a lot less tired and washed out.

Just after I moved back to Leeds I was lucky enough to meet Dan. Who, without too much complaining, has now been lucky enough to be roped into being my occasional Instagram photographer.

So what’s new for Luce in 2019?

I’m putting together a post talking about my personal and blogging goals for 2019 very very soon. With some exciting collaborations for my own blog and for work already in the pipeline, here’s hoping for another successful year!

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