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Festive food and drink ideas

So we all know Christmas is all about indulgences and definitely not about the calories! I had such a lovely weekend recently, which I basically spent eating and drinking. It’s just the dream isn’t it? So I thought I’d put together a little post of the festive food and drinks that I’ve recently over indulged in. Be prepared, this is a long rambling post! 

York Christmas market
York Christmas market

A good ‘old Christmas market trip

It would hardly be Christmas without a festive trip to your local Christmas market, would it? Living in Leeds, I’m pretty much spoilt for choice with the German Kindle market in central Leeds. And both the York and Manchester markets are not to far away either.

But after hearing stories of the dreaded Manchester Christmas market crowds, I opted for visits to Leeds (’cause it was the easy choice) and York. Just because York is my favourite city and it super easy to get through via train from Leeds.

On the Saturday, me and my boyfriend caught the train to York, for a day filled with festive food, cocktails and Christmas markets. 

Which Christmas market drinks would I recommend?

I hands down prefer hot cider over mulled wine. At both the York and Leeds Christmas markets there was an option to add honey whiskey. It was so alcoholic…but so nice at the same time. Well, it is Christmas after all!

The cherry mulled wine on offer at Leeds is also worth a try. If like me, you’re still adding lemonade to your wine, I’d recommend adding a flavour option to your mulled wine. The flavours just mask the strong taste of alcohol, leaving a fruity, sweet like after taste. Which is a good or a bad thing, however you want to look at it!

My favourite Christmas market foods

I have a confession…I am that person who goes around trying all the free food.

Unlimited cheese is amazing. But you’ve consider people are trying to make a living selling these amazing cheeses and oils. So I did have a better level of self control this year! But if you’re a bit of a foodie like me, check out the homemade mayo, oils, jams and cheese. And don’t forget to have a wander over to the fudge and chocolate selection too!

I did cave and buy a lot of fudge. But fudge is my weakness. And not to mention, I just couldn’t turn down gingerbread latte flavoured fudge! And I can confirm, it was amazing. So if you’ve a big fudge fan like me, make sure to head down to Leeds’ Kindle market before Christmas!

Leeds Christmas market fudge
york christmas markets
bottomless brunch at neighbourhood leeds

My first ever bottomless brunch

So I was super excited to try my first ever bottomless brunch! I know, I’ve basically been living under a brunch sized rock haven’t I?

After scouring the bottomless brunch menus of Leeds, we settled on Greek Street’s Neighbourhood. This was because the website stated you could choose from a selection of festive cocktails with your brunch, instead of the usual mimosas, bellins or Bloody Marys. And as I’m probably the only girl alive who doesn’t like prosecco, Neighbourhood seemed like the ideal choice! I now couldn’t wait to spend my Sunday with an old friend, drinking unlimited cocktails.

At £30, the price was about average for Greek Street’s bottomless brunch selection. But as much as I don’t like to post a negative review on Life of Luce, it really wasn’t worth the money…

As me and Chantelle walked into Neighbourhood at 12pm (the brunch is 11am-3pm) we quickly realised other than the staff, we were the only people in there. And if you’ve ever been in a restaurant that’s dead, you’ll know how awkward this is!

Once we sat down, we were told there was just one cocktail available with the bottomless brunch. So we weren’t exactly best pleased, as the brunch is clearly misleadingly advertised on the website. And like I said, the ‘selection of festive cocktails’ was the only reason we were even there! The cocktail available was a gin/cranberry concoction. Which lovely as it was, six drinks later I was still stone cold sober.

Which for anyone who knows me, is just incomprehensible. Yep, I’m infamous for being a huge lightweight. So for me to have six cocktails and not even feel tipsy, makes that alcohol content slightly suspicious! If Chantelle hadn’t saw the barman making the drinks, I wouldn’t have believed there was a drop of alcohol in them cocktails. 

 Neighbourhood slightly redeemed themselves with the food. Chantelle had no complaints with her eggs Benedict. And my smashed avo and poached eggs went down pretty well too (I had to send the first one back due to over done poached eggs, but it’s easily done!) All brunch options came with fries, which we thought was a bit random. But overall, this brunch was definitely not worth £30 each!

turtlebay leeds

Festive Cocktails at Turtle Bay Leeds

After the disappointing brunch, we decided to pick ourselves back up with some festive cocktails! I’ve worked with Turtle Bay quite a few times now, so I could hardly pass up on the offer to pop in and sample their festive cocktail menu!

The first cocktail we choose had lovely ginger spice flavours. With me opting for the rum base and Chantelle going for the Whisky. We both agreed it was essentially Christmas in a cup! We then finished the day with a cream based amaretto cocktail, which was also lovely.

turtle bay leeds

*I had food and drink courthouse of Turtle Bay in return for social media and blog coverage. All opinions are my own!

What are your favourite festive food and drink indulgences? Do you love Christmas markets as much as I do? Please let me know in the comments!

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