Which is the best Christmas coffee 2018?

Costa hot chocolate

My 2018 Christmas coffee guide

I’m back again with one of my favourite annual posts… my ranking of all the Christmas coffees! (You can check out 2017’s Christmas coffee guide here) 

Unfortunately there’s only been a few new additions to 2018’s Christmas coffee selection. Gingerbread and toffee nut will always be firm favourites. But as they make an appearance every year, I’ve decided to just include 2018’s new Christmas coffees. Spoiler: I think last year’s Christmas coffee selection was much better, but check out my 2018 Christmas coffee guide below.

Costa hot chocolate

Costa’s New Christmas coffees

The Hazelnut Praline and Cream

So Costa have got rid of last year’s amazing honeycomb latte and replaced it with the hazelnut praline and cream. At first I wasn’t overly convinced by this choice by Costa. (Although, this isn’t as bad as their decision to get rid of the sticky toffee latte. Which was my firm favourite for a solid few years!)

But the hazelnut praline and cream has now become my go-to Costa Christmas coffee. It sort of just tastes like a mocha with hazelnut syrup, which I assume was what Costa were going for here. But considering you can choose that on the menu all year round, I don’t think this was an amazing choice by Costa. 

Caramelised orange 

As someone who really doesn’t like anything organge flavoured (I’m a bit weird, I know), I was pleasantly surprised by this. The orange wasn’t overpowering one bit. And it tasted really creamy, despite the fact I always opt for skimmed milk. I can imagine it tastes nice as a hot chocolate too! This coffee was nice, but personally it was a bit too creamy for me.

starbuck's christmas coffee

Starbuck’s new Christmas coffees

The Christmas Brulee Latte

So if you follow me on social media, you’ve no doubt noticed I’m a bit angry with Starbucks right now. Charging £4.40 for a medium coffee is nothing but disgraceful (Costa is charging 80p less for their medium). I feel like I’ve got a pretty good job, but I just can’t justify paying that amount for a coffee! Can anyone though?

Anyway, I decided to pop in and try their Christmas Brulee Latte for the sake of this blog post. And, really annoyingly, it’s my favourite new addition this year. It tastes very similar to their eggnog latte, but the milk percentage is higher. It just tastes so creamy and Christmassy. Honestly Starbucks, I hate you right now!

McDonald’s new Christmas coffees

The Millionaire’s Latte

Not to be overlooked, McDonald’s have gone all out to compete with the likes of Costa and Starbucks in previous years. And I feel like they’ve had another good attempt for number one this year too!

The millionaire’s latte is everything you want from a Christmas drink…lots of chocolate and caramel! The cream was a lovely chocolate flavour, which makes this choice stand out from the other coffees on this list. For a budget choice, this is definitely a firm favourite.  (I realised afterwards this drink was around last year, but I swear it’s changed. If anyone who works at McDonald’s is reading this, please give me some insight into this!)

Toffee Latte

I feel like McDonald’s has toned it down this year with this choice. The toffee flavouring is not overly powering and is slightly bitter. So if you don’t like a super sweet drink, this would be a choice for you.

My 2018 Christmas Coffee verdict

For taste – Starbuck’s Christmas Brulee Latte

For price – Mcdonald’s Billionaire Latte

For something different – Costa’s Caramelised Orange Latte

If you’re wondering why Cafe Nero hasn’t featured in this year’s list, it’s because unfortunately I’d have to go into Leeds’ city centre to grab one of their coffees! I am really hoping to update this list if I get chance though!

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