Glossybox Black Friday edition

The Glossybox Black Friday mystery box

If you read my last post on the All I Want Cyber Monday Glossybox, you’ll know I had a bit of a treat yo’ self moment and splurged on both boxes from ‘cyber weekend’. Unlike the All I Want Glossybox, the Black Friday box was a bit of a bargain and came in cheaper than my usual monthly subscriber box, at just £10 with free delivery. Read on to check out my thoughts on the Glossybox Black Friday Mystery Box.

Glossybox Black Friday box

Glossybox Black Friday box

Glossybox Black Friday box

Unboxing the Black Friday Mystery Box

This box is packed full of winter essentials. Winter can really ‘eff up your skin you know (check out my favourite winter skin products here!) So I was super happy when I took the lid off this box and saw more of my winter favourites.

In the box I got:

Wet wipes – Be Fresh

True Shampoo and Conditioner – Maria Nila

Jelly Foot Soak – Gelicity

Praline Palette – Trifle Cosmetics

Let’s Pre-Glam mask – Victoria’s Secret Beauty Co

Intuition razor – Wilkinson’s Sword

Astrolight – Kaliedo Cosmetics

Wonder Want kohl eyeliner – Ciate

Glossybox Black Friday box

Glossybox Black Friday box

Glossybox Black Friday box

Glossybox Black Friday Mystery Box first impressions: beauty products

When I first saw the Praline Palette by Trifle Cosmetics, I wasn’t exactly blown away. The shades aren’t really what I’d choose myself, so I was overly convinced I would even use this palette. However, once I’d swatched the palette I was really impressed with the pigmentation. Some shades are definitely more pigmented than others. But overall I’m very impressed with this little palette!

I’m not loving the Astrolight highlighter by Kaliedo Cosmetics. Once I swatched it onto my hand, it did look very pigmented. However, once you blend the highlighter, it looks a bit dull. I think this product is more suited to a liquid eyeshadow, rather than a highlighter.

I’ve been needing a new black eyeliner, so I was really happy when I spotted this one by Ciate in the box. It’s long lasting and just glides on. I’d happily repurchase this!

Glossybox Black Friday Mystery Box first impressions: skincare

I’m obsessing over the True Shampoo and Conditioner by Maria Nila. I struggle with finding hair products that leave my long/thick hair feeling soft and smooth…but also don’t irritate my overly sensitive scalp. Honestly, it’s a struggle! But this shampoo and condition ticks all the boxes. I honestly couldn’t get over how lovely and soft my hair felt after just one use. I’m 100% purchasing the full size products ASAP.

Intuition razor by Wilkinson’s Sword just happens to be my favourite razor. It just glides across your body, leaving your skin feeling super soft and smooth. If you haven’t tried this razor, it’ll actually change your life! And you can’t really go wrong with wet wipes can you? These Be Fresh wipes are a fab addition to this Glossybox!

I’m really intrigued by the Jelly Foot Soak by Gelicity. I probably should buy more foot products, but it’s not really something I think of buying. Next time I have a little pamper night, I’ll 100% be using this little product.

Unfortunately I have sensitive skin and can’t use most masks. So my friend Chantelle currently has an ever growing stash of beauty box and blog products. So Chantelle if you’re reading this, you’ve got this Let’s Pre-Glam mask by Victoria’s Secret Beauty Co.

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