What are the negatives of blogging?

Life of Luce with a cocktail

Let’s talk about the cons of being a blogger

So I’ve been blogging for just under four years. The first two years I basically just blogged for the fun of it. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I didn’t know the bloody first thing about SEO and I wasn’t aiming for the free products.

I thought…me? I was never going to be cool enough or popular enough in the blogging world to ever receive anything. But one day, it happened. (Thank you Skinny Tan)

Four years on, although I haven’t progressed as fast as I’d have liked to in the blogging world (gaining a masters and starting your career can do that to a girl), I am quite happy with my blogging career to date.

But no one talks about the negatives of the blogging world do they? So here I am today, rambling on about all the things that really get on my nerves about this community. So if you want to read a happy and positive post, I’d recommend you put your phone/laptop/iPad down now.

Life of Luce with a cocktail

Let’s start by talking about Instagram likes

I think us bloggers soon begin to realise which images bring the likes and followers. And also which types of images we should leave off the grid.

But then you get the fluke image…You know, the images you thought weren’t that great but perform amazingly. But then you post that image you absolutely love and it doesn’t seem to be much of a hit.

But does it really matter? No.

I’ve started posting a lot more fashion content. So I guess some people love my style more than others. I’m a blogger, I post content I like. End of.

But I did post a few stories with the guy I’m seeing and instantly lost 15 followers. So I’m guessing my followers don’t want to see more of him then…

Your blog is more than a statistic

Don’t let the traffic get you down.

That’s right, your blog is your baby. You put a lot of time and effort into your little corner of the internet, so you’ve gotta give it the love and care it deserves.

But some months, your blog will perform better and worse than others. And you don’t need to stress about this. It’s just a little stat and your blog is more than that.

The pressure of being a blogger

This used to be a biggy for me! Since being a teenager, I’ve always put myself under a lot of pressure to have on-trend clothes and good makeup. But when I started blogging, I definitely felt this pressure escalate.

However as I’ve got older, I’ve now realised what works for me and what doesn’t. Well I like to think so anyway! And I think this has definitely had an effect on my confidence. I’ve come to terms with if a trend doesn’t suit me, don’t feel uncomfortable Luce, just find another trend that does. Trust me, there’s plenty out there to pick from!

I try now not to feel pressure to talk and post about every trend going, even if I see my favourite bloggers talking about them. So sorry if my style or makeup looks samey….Well, I’m not actually, I’m not sorry!

The cost of blogging

Ohhh the cost, this is not fun.

I used to pour so much money into my blog! I was always buying the latest trends (see above) and spending my spare cash on Superdrug hauls…oh nostalgia!

But now I’ve been lucky enough to receive products to review and work on sponsored posts. And although all these opinions are my own (you know the drill), still reviewing these products or talking about different topics provides me with content to talk about. And that’s content I don’t have to directly purchase myself.

Don’t get me wrong, my blog is still filled with plenty of non-sponsored content. I’m just grateful to be able to mix things up and talk about products I wouldn’t have stumbled across myself. Just like these cocktail gummies!

Interacting with other bloggers

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some lovely people through blogging and events. Some of us Leeds bloggers have got our own little whatsapp group and try to meet up when we can. But it’s not all positivity and rainbows.

The first blogger event I ever went to really opened up my eyes to the ugliness of the blogger world. It was like being back at school. You know, that popular pretty girl was showing off again. But in the blogger world, it’s all about Pretty Little Thing hauls, your highlighter game and most importantly, that follower count.

I know us bloggers aren’t exactly the quiet, non- opinionated types. But I was seriously shocked at how bloggers can so easily put on a false persona. I just found it disturbingly bizarre. Just because I’ve entered a world, doesn’t mean I’d want to change as a person.

Bad experiences at blogger events

I know a few other bloggers have had experiences of blogging events. Luckily, I’ve only had one bad experience myself. I travelled an hour and when I got there, not one person or host spoke to me. It wasn’t very nice and I walked away feeling a bit upset.

But overral I’ve had positive experiences and met lovely bloggers through events. Especially in Leeds! But I have read blog posts talking about blogging cliques and feeling uncomfortable within the blogging world. So i’m guessing this is a common occurrence.


What do do you think are the negatives of the blogging world? Do you agree with any of my negative points? Please let me know!



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  1. I can definitely relate to these! The pressure to keep up with all of the trends used to really get to me but now I just try to focus on what I like instead. Can’t believe 15 people unfollowed you for posting a photo with the guy you’re seeing, people really can be ridiculous can’t they haha xx


  2. I am still a fairly new blogger, only been blogging for a year now, so I can only relate to a few of these things (thankfully have never had a negative blogger event experience) but I can see how all of them can occur. I feel the most pressure with Instagram, some bloggers post a few times a day and I can barely post once a week!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. xx

    1. I think when it comes to Instagram just do what you feel like you have the time to do! I 100% don’t have time to shoot outfits constantly and post daily outfit pics. So I just mix it up xx

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