Afternoon Tea at The Ivy Leeds

Afternoon tea at The Ivy Leeds

What did we think of afternoon tea at The Ivy Leeds?

I was very excited at the prospect of afternoon tea at The Ivy, Leeds. I’m a huge fan of afternoon tea anyway…check out the review of my favourite ever afternoon tea here! Plus I was very excited about living out my very own Blair Waldorf fantasy. I’m the world’s biggest Gossip Girl fan, what can I say? Read on to discover what I thought about afternoon tea at The Ivy.

Afternoon tea at The Ivy Leeds

Afternoon tea at The Ivy Leeds

Afternoon tea at The Ivy Leeds

Afternoon tea at The Ivy Leeds

My first impression of The Ivy Leeds

As I walked in I instantly fell in love with the quirky decor, which had a slight Great Gatsby vibe to it. I was really glad we booked in advance too, as there was a que of people lining up in the foyer area. Which wouldn’t have exactly have been ideal in my Blair Waldorf inspired outfit!

There’s a huge bar downstairs, which looked like the ideal spot to go to just grab a few cocktails…very a Instagram worthy date! However, we were seated upstairs, which I’d say is more of the restaurant area.

Afternoon tea at The Ivy

We already have the afternoon tea in mind before ordering, so we didn’t really need to look at the menu. The waiters were very attentive, so we managed to have our food within about ten minutes of arriving. The only thing which was annoying about this, is that we actually got our food before our drinks order. As we only ordered a hot chocolate and a cappuccino, you would have imagined our drinks would have been quicker than our food? But although this was annoying, our drinks arrived about 5 minutes later.

As I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had afternoon tea, I now think of myself as a bit of a afternoon tea expert. Everyone needs a hobby, right? So, I was a bit disappointed when I initially saw the sandwich portions. As you can see, although they were nice, the sandwiches were very very small! We both said the afternoon tea needed more savoury food to balance out the extremely rich desserts. The sandwich selection included pulled chicken and truffle, cucumber and salmon with cream cheese.

The dessert selection included chocolate and salted caramel mousse with crunchy honeycomb, creme brulee doughnuts and cream and raspberry tarts. Followed by the classic fruit scones with jam and clotted cream. The desserts were by far the best part of the afternoon tea. They all very rich in flavour, with very tastes and flavours. So there was definitely something for everyone!

Would I have afternoon tea again at The Ivy Leeds?

We both agreed we wouldn’t have afternoon tea again at The Ivy. Although we did say we’d be happy to pop in for a regular meal and a few cocktails.

afternoon tea at the ivy leeds


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