Case App: Christmas gift ideas*

Personalised gifts from Case App

I’ve worked with Case App quite a few times now…Check out my fave Case App collab here! So when they got in touch to see if i’d be interested in working together to produce a Christmas gift guide, I obviously leaped at the chance! Read on to check out the personalised Christmas gifts I designed with Case App.

Life of Luce case app designs

About Case App

With Case App, you can make and customise cases and skins for pretty much every device you can think of! Which makes Case App products the perfect gift for that tricky person to buy for. ‘Cause you can never really have too many phone cases, can you?

Like I said, I’ve worked with the brand a lot now, so I know how the quality of their cases are amazing. And with the price of phone contracts these days, I want to know my precious Iphone X is protected!

Life of Luce case app designs

My Christmas Case App designs

Ta da…here’s my latest Case App designs!

So let me start by saying, everyone who knows me will know how hilarious I found myself in giving a phone case with my face on to the guy i’m dating. And to be fair, it did go down well with him when he saw it. Plus least I toned it down with the navy and gold pattern. Instead of having it just a collage of my face…I was tempted! He said he’d use it and take the banter.

The second design was inspired by my forever idol/general inspiration, Blair Waldorf. Although unlike 15 year old me, I now know ‘What would Blair Waldorf do’ is probably not the answer to most situations. I think this case will be a little present for Luce, from Luce this Christmas.

My last design is this cute iPhone skin. I’ve stayed with the polka dot theme and added the cute eyelashes. I think it looks nice and girly paired with the lilac. However, I probably would recommend to use a clear case over the top of the skin. Just because i’d be super wary of dropping and damaging my phone!

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Iphone X skin – £12

Iphone X hard case – £19

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