Glitter Bug’s Gourmet Coffee Blend: a review*

Life of luce with a glitter bug mug

The detox tea and coffee brand

I was lucky enough to have been recently sent some gourmet detox coffee blend from Glitter Bug. If you didn’t know, Glitter Bug beverages are all designed for detox and weightless purposes.

However, i’m actually quite happy with my weight at the moment. So I’ve  been drinking a sachet first thing on a morning as an alternative to my morning coffee. Read on to find out more about Glitter Bug’s gourmet coffee blend and their healthy habits programme.

Life of luce with a glitter bug mug

Life of luce with a glitter bug mug

Glitter Bug’s Gourmet Coffee Blend

I’m not really a huge fan of weight loss products. As I believe you should always try and lose weight through healthy eating and exercise whenever possibly. But just going on taste, Glitter Bug’s Gourmet Coffee Blend has a really nice flavour.

The flavour of the coffee is quite sweet too. Which went down a treat, considering I HAVE to have syrup in my coffee whenever I can. The coffee isn’t overly strong too and you don’t need milk to make it. And you can even choose to make it with hot or cold water, depending on your taste preference!

The healthy habit programme

If you wish to follow Glitter Bug’s healthy habit programme, they recommend you have two cups of their gourmet blend a day. One cup should be first thing on a morning. And the other one should be on an afternoon. These coffees should always be combined with 2 litres of water and healthy balanced meals.

However, the healthy habit programme should only be followed for six days. Glitter Bug claim by the 7th day you’ll be able to notice a change in weight and inches.

 glitter bug mug detox coffee blend

Would you try Glitter Bug’s gourmet coffee blend? What do you think of detox programmes like this one? Please let me know in the comments!

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