Understanding the blogger outreach lingo

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An insider account of a digital marketing campaign (and understanding what the different terms mean!)

The ways bloggers and influencers are used in digital marketing campaigns are constantly shifting. The world of MySpace seems like almost forever ago doesn’t it? And not to mention vloggers like Zoella have been around for almost ten years now. I know, crazy right?

But for new bloggers, navigating the blogosphere and using and understanding your new blogger lingo can be rather tricky! This handy guide breaks down sponsored posts, infographics and illustrated manuals, guest posts, as well as how to invoice ands understanding payments.

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What’s a sponsored post?

A sponsored post is basically a blog post you’ll get paid to write. You’ll often get a brief with a word count and the required anchor text (the words you use to link to another web page). This is probably the easiest way to make money as a blogger. If you way to discover the ways you can make money as a blogger, click here to read my guide.

PR and marketing agencies may also contact you to see if you’d be willing to host their content. So all you have to do is a simple copy, paste and post! All I’d say about this is, make sure the content aligns with your self written content. I’ve made this mistake in the past, when I’ve shared pretty random content, all because I wanted the money. Whereas now, I’m wary about sharing anything that might not interest my readers.

Just remember this golden rule: if you wouldn’t spend the time to read it, why would your readers?

What’s an infographic?

Infographics (or visual manuals) are basically a pictures or graphics that also have written content within them. These often contain helpful or engaging information, such as how to guides or the medical info you see at the doctors.  If you didn’t know, us PRs and marketers use infographics a lot! As not only do they provide helpful information to their readers, they also happen to be branded up with the company’s design, logo and website URL. And personally,I love creating briefs to send to the design team…geeky, I know!

Bloggers may often be asked to pop infographics within sponsored posts. As infographics provide a talking point to inspire content within a post. And not to mention, lots of readers often just scroll through a blog’s text and just look at the images or graphics!

What’s a guest post?

A guest post (not to be confused with a sponsored post!) is when a blogger or content writer writes a piece of text for a website, not belonging to themselves. Guest posts can either be paid or unpaid. It’s common practise for bloggers to write guest post so they can boost their domain authority. As most webmasters will allow you to place a backlink to your blog, so your work can be credited.

Invoicing and getting paid

In larger marketing or PR agencies (such as the one I work in myself), it’s easier for us PRs or marketers if you send us traditional invoices rather than via Paypal. If you’re not quite sure how, I always send the bloggers I work with, this handy how-to guide. This just makes it easier for our finance department, as they have to spend time logging in and out of Paypal! It’s industry standard to pay within 30 days of the social or blog post going live. Although, often you’ll find you’ll get paid much quicker!

Did you find my guide helpful on understanding the different outreach terms? Was there any phrases you didn’t really understand when you started blogging? Please let me know in the comments!

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