How to make new friends in your twenties

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My tips for meeting new people in your twenties

It’s no huge revelation that your twenties is full of change. Leaving university often means a huge U turn for your social life, as many of your friends move home or away for graduate jobs. But how do you go about adding some new friends to your squad? Read on to discover my tips…

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Bond with your housemates

If like me you’ve gone into a professional house share after uni, make the most of it and bond with these new people! I’ve had a huge mix of people in the professional house shares I’ve lived in. Including the guy who’s back hair used to shed everywhere, including the fridge…but let’s not talk about that! But I’ve also gained an incredibly close friend from a houses share, so it’s not been all bad.

Reach out to university acquaintances in your city

I really recommend you do this! Just because you weren’t close pals while at uni, doesn’t mean can’t be now! If you went to uni with someone, the chances are they’ll be in a similar life stage to you. And it’s always fun to have someone to navigate the joys of tinder with, isn’t it?

Meet people through your interests

For myself, I do this through blogging! I’ve met a load of lovely bloggers through brand and networking events. As I’ve recently moved back to Leeds, I’ve tried to get even more involved in the blogging community. I’ve even been organising regular brunches for Leeds bloggers, so I can help bring the local blogging community closer together.

I’ve also been lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of some new openings at Trinity Kitchen and the new Gin Club at Victoria Gate Casino. As Christmas is fast approaching, no doubt there’ll be many more blogger events coming up!

If you’re not a blogger, you can also try meeting people through sports teams or using Meet Up. You’ll be able to find lots of like minded people who share your interests!


This is something i’m trying to get more involved in! If you’ve not heard of Vino, it’s basically like Tinder for friendships! If like me you’ve moved to a city for work, chances are, there’s hundreds of people in the same boat! On Vino you essentially swipe just like Tinder, however you’re more likely to be met with ‘I like your outfit hun’, rather than some cringe chat up line. Plus if there’s another Vino holding an event if your area, you’ll automatically get a notification. You can expect the usual girly get togethers, such as shopping, drinks and brunch!


How have you met new people in your twenties? Do you think you’ll follow any of my tips? Please let me know in the comments!








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