What’s it really like to be an adult with braces?

Spoiler: I found it very very hard being an adult with a brace!

Way back in January I wrote a post about my biggest insecurity and why I was spending £1500 on cosmetic surgery to fix it. To those who read the post (catch up here!) you’ll know my biggest insecurity was a couple of bottom teeth. I know, probably sounds silly right?

I had a brace on both top and bottom teeth when I was a kid. But BOOM wisdom teeth appeared! And then combine them pesky buggers with 14 year old Lucy not wearing her retainer for long enough and there you have it, my teeth had annoyingly moved! Read on to discover how I got on coping with my adult brace this year…

Dentist chair

The costs of adult brace treatment

Unless you’re lucky enough to get adult braces on the NHS, prepare for high costs! Straight teeth don’t come cheap.

I did a lot of research and decided to travel back to the Orthodontist surgery I went to when I had my braces on the first time round. This is because the treatment was much cheaper than what was on offer in Sheffield (where I was living up until August). And various payment options meant I could pay monthly. For a silver brace on my bottom teeth, it cost me £105 a month over 12 months. But with consultation and fitting, this works out £1500.

What can you expect from adult brace treatment?

When I first got my brace fitted I remember the orthodontist saying to me, let’s get these naughty teeth straightened back fast. Yes, really! Which unfortunately left me unable to eat pretty much anything for two weeks. I couldn’t even swallow scrambled egg, I was in that much pain.

Your gums become really really sensitive in the first few months of treatment, which makes eating quite painful. And lots not even talk about the ulcers.

Although I’ve had a few funny brace related incidents. With the most memorable being I bit into a chocolate rabbit over Easter and then realised I’d swallowed half my brace…without me even knowing. Don’t ask me how, I must have really been enjoying that chocolate rabbit!

I also went out for tea with my friend and I had to ask the waiter to toast my bread to a specific level. This wasn’t as awkward as it sounds as thankfully the restaurant was empty other than me and my friend. It was still pretty embarrassing for a 23 year old though!

So what’s it really like being an adult with a brace?

Well honestly I’ve hated every second of it! I’ve actually done nothing but moan and complain about my brace to anyone who’d listen. I’ve felt really unattractive since January and it’s completely ruined my dating life (well basically because I refused to go on any due to the embarrassment!)

My friends constantly told me it wasn’t noticeable. And maybe it wasn’t? But that’s not made me feel any better about not being able to eat pizza crusts, crunchy peanut butter, most cereal bars, some chocolate bars and chewing gum. I also wasn’t meant to drink coffee or tea, but giving up caffeine would have just proven impossible.

white straight teeth

My verdict on adult brace treatment

I knew I’d have to spend a year of my life feeling a bit ‘meh’ about myself before I started treatment because I knew I’d feel better about myself in the long run. Now the brace is off and I love my teeth again, it’s definitely been worth it!

However, I do regret not waiting a couple of years and saving up for the invisible braces. As I feel like invisible braces wouldn’t have effected my confidence so much!

If you have any questions about adult brace treatment, please let let me know in the comments or DM one of my social handles.

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  1. Growing up I always wanted braces to straighten out my teeth but my dentist was always “no you don’t need them” until I was old enough to have to pay and was all “lets go for it, it’ll cost £XXXX” like nah, I literally do not have the money.
    So now I have awful crooked and crowded teeth and don’t smile as a result. I do want to save up and get braces, but I’m a wimp and don’t think I could take the pain!
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

    1. Unless you can find a good interest free payment plan, it’s crazy expensive! It hurt a lot more than I expected as well! x

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