Are brands designing clothes with a specific customer in mind?

Should only certain people be buying from particular clothes brands?

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now! Have you ever wondered why brands are designing clothes that fit so differently?

We know the likes of Missguided and Pretty Little Thing are pushing relatively cheap, trend lead styles, which are always favoured by bloggers. The styles are often short or fitted and relatively sexy. We as marketers and customers know they have specific a customer in mind. A 16-25 year old female, who cares about the latest trends and always wants to look her best. Normally stalks social media ten hours a day and can often be found taking selfies.

But what if other brands were designing their clothes with specific demographics in mind? Even the brands you weren’t expecting, the ones that promote equality and diversity for all? Read on to discover my thoughts…

myself wearing miss selfridge blue jeans and a white zara top

myself wearing miss selfridge blue jeans and a white zara top

The marketing stuff

In marketing, you often stumble across the brand persona. In my previous job, I was lucky enough to work on one of the biggest brands in the UK hair industry. This brand had two persons, the social media, trend obsessed teen. And her mum, who enjoys looking her best, just as much as her daughter.

You’ve got to think hair and beauty products are quite universal though. Me and my mam use the same brand of straightener. However, i’m more likely to buy higher priced beauty items, as i’m interested in the latest beauty trends. Where as my mam is quite content with her No7 products and the occasional mac lipstick.

But are clothes brands doing the same sort of thing with their brand personas and target demographics?

Which brands fit me best?

We’ve all seen them blogger jeans posts and vlogs. You know the ones where a blogger will go into each shop on the high street (and online) and tell us all in shock, how each pair of jeans fits so differently. But what if all those shops were designing their jeans with a specific age, size and style in mind?

So i’m a 5ft3, size 6, petite 24 year old. I buy most of my clothes from Zara, Topshop and Miss Selfridge.

Miss Selfridge has a great petite range and I’ve become slightly obsessed with their jeans in the last couple of months. I like the fit in Zara and even find their oversized smocks and jumpers never seem to drown me. And I think i’m the only person who likes Topshop’s fit, especially their skirts.

Primark, MissGuided and Pretty Little Thing are also a good fit. Although I do still like a good ol ‘fashioned rummage round the high-street! And Primark is well known to be so hit and miss. Which is why I prefer Zara, Topshop and Miss Selfridge.

But I find River Island’s lengths too long sometimes and their petite is very overpriced. Although RI offer the best shoes and bags… hands now! And I can only describe New Look’s fit as essentially a lucky dip. I don’t shop in Dorothy Perkins and I’ve never bought anything from a supermarket…although everyone raves about Tesco, so I really should!

So are brands designing their clothes with a specific customer in mind?


No brand wants to publicly admit their target demographic, as they’d lose a huge amount of revenue. Just imagine New Look claiming you’re over fifty, you shouldn’t be buying this jumper! 

But with so many factors like different lengths, fit and patterns, brands MUST be designing their clothes with a specific customer and demographic in mind.

What are other bloggers are saying?

Laura Thornburry: “New Look – Most of the time pieces fit very small – for me mainly the tops and some jumpers. I’ve had to purchase couple sizes bigger than I am and they still are too small or too tight”

Cora Tea, Party, Princess: “Newlook have very little space for boobs, I find Dorothy Perkins small at the hips in dresses (but also at the waist which suits me) and everywhere has super short hemlines as standard unless it’s a midi or maxi skirt/dress”.

World Meet Dani: “I totally agree, Urban Outfitters definitely targets smaller frames! Sometimes their “large” doesn’t even fit me and I’m a UK 12/14”.

Jessica Pardoe: “Primark! They’re currently changing their sizes but (I wish this top I’m about to tell u about with me to show you a picture) I have a size 20 top from Primark, which is actually considerably smaller than a size 10 that I have from George, Asda. It’s honestly scandalous!”

Grace Flood: “H&M and Primark for their bottoms!”

What do you think?

Please please please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I got quite a huge response when I first started talking about this subject on Twitter. So I’d really love to know what you lot think!

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