Welcome to lifeofluce 2.0!

My blogs had a little makeover!

I was starting to fall out of love with blogging and was purely only keeping Life of Luce going for the sponsored posts. Sponsored posts can be pretty lucrative, you know? I was bored of content writing, bored of the blogging world and most importantly, bored of the limitations of basic WordPress. So I decided to tackle this head on and began to research going self-hosted.

I’ve been thinking of going self-hosted for a while. But with working in digital marketing, I know first hand how easily it is to eff a migration up! So Lyrical Host seemed like the next best option.

So what is Lyrical host?

For everyone that doesn’t know Lyrical Host basically gives you the power of going self hosted, but comes with your very own friendly developer that instantly jumps on any problems or snags! I know, handy right? I’ve not really had to do anything, everything was migrated and transferred for me! And just a few days later, here’s a brand spankin’ new Life of Luce.

I’ve got my blogging head back on!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect and there’s a lot I want to change. But it’s a start! And as far as not being happy about content writing or the blogging world, I have updates coming.

So blogging world, I hope you’re ready to welcome me back!

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