Dating at any age*

Dating at any age: what changes?

I would like to start this post my clarifying that at twenty four years old, I obviously don’t have any personal experience of dating in later life. Instead this post will discuss my experience of dating in my teens and twenties, my observations of  family members and family friends dating experiences and case studies I’ve read on the internet from fellow bloggers.

Anything I have wrote in this post, has not been written in order to enforce the stereotypes of different life stages. So I please hope that no one is angered or offended. Instead, this post is more of a generalization of my experiences and those of the people around me. So to discover how I think dating changes as you get older, please read on…


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Dating in your teenage years

These are the years that many people begin to experience dating for the first time. As teenagers often don’t have that much money, example dates include cinemas and visits to chain restaurants. Most relationships in during your teenage years don’t tend to last long periods of times. However, they are some exceptions to this rule!

Dating in your twenties

I’ve spoke about dating in your twenties quite a lot and what I’ve realised personally is, that these are the years which you begin to realise what you and what you don’t want from dating. Dates during your twenties often consist of visiting nice cocktail bars or low cost weekends away. Your twenties are the years you’ll probably experience your first long term relationship. So you may settle down and have kids or begin saving for a mortgage.

Dating in your thirties

In more recent years, due to people putting careers first, your early thirties are becoming more and more the age people are settling down and having kids. Most people tend to look for something more serious at this age, in comparison to the fun they’ve had while dating in their twenties.

Dating in your forties and above

By your forties, many people will have experienced marriage and may have teenage children. Therefore, dating in your forties may be slightly more difficult due to the ”baggage” you’ve collected from your twenties and thirties. More and more people are remarrying in their forties due a breakdown from their first marriage. Therefore, the type of relationship and what you may expect from dating in your forties may differ a lot in comparison to your younger years.

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How to you think dating and relationships differ as you get older? How much do you agree with my opinions? Please let me know in the comments! 


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