Why us twenty-somethings are staying single for longer

What really are the reasons us millennials are wanting to stay single?

After not seeing my friends for a while, we decided to spend our evening sipping wine, watching Love Island and checking out the status of tinder and bumble in the area. This wasn’t because we wanted a last minute date or some sort of hookup! Instead, we were just happy to judge…seriously, does anyone else do this with their friends? We were judging anything from their choice of photos (I have a pet hate of boys taking selfies), to a cringey bio to the pictures of them with their friends…you can seriously tell a lot of those group pictures can’t you? But I think there’s a reason why us girls have become so judgemental and picking these days. Read on to discover my thoughts…


This is a sponsored post wrote in collaboration with Match Me Happy*.

Things have changed for us females

Since our parents and grandparents were young, a lot has changed for us women hasn’t it? We essentially no longer need a man to do anything! Whether that is financial support, bringing up a child, or even making a child (looking at you IVF), us females have got this, we can do it all on our own.

With more and more us going to university and forging our own careers, we can afford and rent to buy on our own. And because we can afford to be on our own without adding the dramz of a man, we’re realising we’re loving it and doing it for longer than ever before!

No settling

Because we don’t actually need a man, we can afford to be pickier. Me and my friends know what we want and refuse to settle for anything else! But why should we settle? I can’t even imagine settling myself!

We love our me time

Everyone knows your twenties are your selfish years. I don’t want to be stuck inside arguing with someone when I can in a trendy cocktail bar sipping wine or strawberry daiquiris. Or why should I be wasting money on a joint furniture collection when I can be saving up for holidays with my friends? These are your fun years, so me and my friends are definitely going to take full advantage of them!

But was is the right age to settle down?

Me and my friends were a bit indecisive about what actually is the right age to stop having fun and settle down. One friend said there is no right age, but she agreed she wasn’t ready. And my other friend said 28 was a good number because you’ll probably have your career on track and hopefully some savings in the bank.

If you’re ready to settle down and looking for a relationship, making sure to check out Match Me Happy and free dating sites.

Why do think us females are staying single for longer? Do you prefer boyfriend or girls time? Do you think both have their pros and cons? Please let me know in the comments!


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