Why Wearing the Right Clothing is Important When Playing Sports

All sports are physical to some degree, with some having a high level of physical contact and by wearing the right clothing, you are effectively minimising the risk of injury. It isn’t only the safety factor that correct clothing affects, as any sports person will actually perform better if they are wearing suitable clothing. This comes from the added self-confidence as well as being able to move freely – something that the wrong clothing will impede – and with the right clothing and equipment, you are more likely to perform well. Then, of course, you have the safety aspect, and wearing the right clothing reduces the risk of personal injury, albeit slightly.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 17.27.54.png

Psychological Edge

If a person feels good in what they are wearing, then their self-confidence is going to be higher and this has a positive impact on performance, which is something that top sportspeople strive for. When you take a closer look at a top flight professional player, you will notice high quality clothing that is specifically designed to aid movement, while offering a high level of comfort. You can check various guides online for a further look into the benefits of wearing the right sportswear, which makes for an interesting and thought provoking read.

Physical Comfort

Playing sports is very demanding, both physically and mentally, and when you push yourself to your physical limits, the body is working at a very high rate and sweat can cause friction. Correct sizing enables a player to freely move without causing skin friction, which will seriously affect their performance. If you wanted to find a rugby kit, for example, you would look for garments that are made from a combination of cotton and polyester, which allows the body to breathe and will help to ventilate the player.

Material Composition

A tennis player’s shirt would need very different qualities to a rugby shirt, which must be able to withstand fierce tugging, and while the rugby shirt would be quite heavy, the tennis shirt would be more focused on freedom of movement and in the absence of physical contact, the make-up of the material would be designed for optimum sweat absorption.

Player Identification

With most team sports, it is important to be able to easily identify your teammates, which is why each kit is unique. Aside from the club image aspect, each player should be wearing the same colours, which would be contrasting to the opposing team kit, making it easy to distinguish who is playing for whom.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why wearing the correct attire when playing sports is essential and should you be thinking of taking up a new passion, make sure you wear the right clothing and, if necessary, proper protective equipment.


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