Top first date ideas for millennials

What are the best date ideas for us twenty-somethings? As told by my Twitter followers.

So after asking some of my friends which are the top date ideas for millennials, I was met with mostly ‘Oh I dunno’ and  my favourite response of, ‘I don’t even know what a date is these days!’ So instead, I decided to turn to Twitter, ’cause to be completely honest, my twitter followers are 100% having better dating lives than most of my friends. Read on to discover what Twitter reckoned were the top first date ideas for millennials…
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Mini Golf

This was is my absolute favourite date idea! Most people who know me well, know exactly how much I love mini golf. The good thing about mini golf is that although it’s a competitive sport (well for me it is anyway), you can still dress nice…I’ve still been known to win, even in heeled boots! Plus, the loser gets to buy the cocktails. So you can’t really go wrong, can you? Although if you’re anything like me and get super competitive, maybe this is an idea for when you’re quite a few dates in.
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Outdoor cinema

I’ve been dying to try an outdoor cinema for ages, as my friends are always raving on about the times they’ve been! As you can’t really talk in an actual cinema, I feel like an outdoor cinema is definitely a better first date choice. Just because of outdoor cinemas normally showing old movies that you’ve seen a hundred times before…so I wouldn’t feel guilty for talking the whole way through it. Plus I’m pretty sure you can get drunk at an outdoor cinema!
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Escape room

My favourite Twitter suggestion! I got this idea tweeted with ‘An Escape Room would tell you if they’re a dickhead pretty much straight away!‘ Well, you can’t really argue with that, can you? This date idea would easily allow you to make your mind up if you either wanted to go for drinks with them, or instead just wanted to throw a drink straight at them!
Check out the top ten Escape Rooms in the UK by clicking here!

Cooking class

I’m not really sure how I feel about this suggestion. It’s hard enough making food with your boyfriend or girlfriend, let alone manning oven gloves on your first date! Plus have you seen how stressed everyone gets on bake-off? I don’t feel like I could deal with that on a first date!
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What did you think of these first date suggestions from Twitter? What’s your favourite first date idea? Please let me know in the comments!

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