Love Island: how real is series 4?

Are you still a Love Island fan, or is your loyalty being questioned?

I’ve been talking about this year’s Love Island this quite a lot on my blog, (to discover if I reckon Love Island is a real reflection of dating in 2018, click here!) If you’re a Love Island superfan like me, you’ll know that this series seems a little bit different. Can’t quite put your finger on it? Read on to discover how real I reckon Love Island 2018 really is…
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Is it staged?

If you take a look back at previous series, (for your information series on two, which we all know is the best series ever made, is on Netflix!), you’ll notice quite a few big changes! In past series, conversations seem more relaxed and not ‘set up’. Can you remember as much single-sex ‘debrief’ scenes in past series? Because I can’t!
You also used to witness the drama just happen naturally, eg the Malia/Kady kick off of 2016. But this series, other than Georgia and Ellie, the cast just seems like their reading straight off a script! But if this is the impression that most of us viewers are getting from watching at home, it begs the questions….how dull really is life in this year’s villa?
And you can’t talk about this series of Love Island being completely set up, without mentioning the Samira and Frankie over the top airport scene. Witnesses claimed that both the ex Islanders discussed with producers what would be the best way to reunite, before she dramatically ran at him and wrapped her legs around him. Personally, it just seems a bit OTT even for telly.
I completely get that we only see an hour a day of life in the villa, but use viewers tune in to see realness, not an episode of a Towie style spin-off.

Where are the missing scenes?

I totally get that the Love Island producers were trying to avoid the whole Geordie Shore angle and keep a bit of class by omitting the sex scenes. But how well has this actually gone down with us viewers? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t exactly want to watch a load of people I don’t know have sex on the telly. But them suggestive duvet clips use let us viewers know how well the Islanders are actually getting along as couples!
Plus these missing sex scenes have now made the news! I can’t be the only person who’s read there’s been missing hideaway clips from Jack/Danni, Ellie/Charlie and Samira/Frankie. If this is true, I feel like ITV2 have really mistreated Samira and Frankie!  If they had got the airtime they deserved, they’d most likely still be in the show. Samira was an original firm favourite after all!

Where’s the diversity?

I feel like this year more than ever, there’s been a lack of diversity in body shape and size. Last year we had Jess, who was curvy and athletic. Whereas this year, I don’t think there’s been anyone’s been bigger than a size 6 until the recent arrivals. All body shapes and sizes are attractive. And therefore, should be represented equally!
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Do you think this series of Love Island is set up? Do you think there’s been a lack of diversity in this year’s series? Please let me know in the comments!

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