What does Love Island say about dating in 2018?

Love 2018: my verdict

This season’s Love Island has sparked mix reactions from most. It’s not quite the controversy of 2016…will anyone ever forget poor Zara Holland losing her Miss GB title, while Alex Bowen left the hideaway unscathed? Probably not! But this series has brought a few issues to the nation’s attention. Such as emotional abuse, seeing Megan performing stereotypical male behavior…and let’s not forget about loyalty! Read on to discover my full verdict on Love Island 2018 and I reckon it says about dating in 2018…


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Love Island 2018: The contestants

We’ve had quite a mix of contestants/characters’ this year haven’t we? Below are the ones I think have stood out the most:


Everyone seems to be so annoyed at Megan, but there are been male Love Island contestants both past and present, that have acted much much far worse! What’s she actually done that’s that wrong? So she met someone she fancied, slept with him, then actually realised it wouldn’t work on a relationship level. I think a lot of people are guilty of that!

Although I don’t condone how she intially got with Wes, how much loyalty do you actually have to people you’ve known just a couple of weeks? And all the contestants are there for one reason (other than fave…obviously) and is that to find love.


It’s so obvious that the Love Island producers have taken note of the 2017 ‘Camilla effect’ and tried to replicate it this year. I think Alex has been met with a mixed reception though. I was a huge Alex fan at first, the cute doctor that just wants to find the girl of his dreams…what’s not to love?

But I really wasn’t impressed when I saw him turn on the girls that didn’t fancy him. Most of us girls have experienced this, haven’t we? It’s sort of flattering, but so ridiculous at the same time. It’s not the 1950s, us females have our own minds you know and we can decide who we fancy for ourselves!


Georgia has grown on me so much! At just twenty years old, she’s so likeability and you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her during the Josh situation. She has made a few mistakes, (does she even know what loytalty means?!!) but she knows exactly what she wants and says everything on her mind. And I wish I was like that at twenty!


I can’t write a post about Love Island and not mention Rosie! Rosie did the typical girl thing of ‘Oh I can change him’ until she found out she was just another girl to Adam, after he quickly jumped ship to Zara. I get that the ITV2 producers want to make the show as dramtic as possible, but the edit of that argument was so shocking. Us girls couldn’t help but feel sorry for Rosie! She’d obviously built herself up to just tell him exactly how she felt, to be completely shut down. At least she saw Adam for his true colours and hopefully she can learn from it!


I can really relate to Samira. Samira knew exactly what she wanted and what she deserved and refused to settle for anything else. She tried to get to know the boys but refused to settle if she ‘didn’t feel a connection’. I think a lot of girls can learn a few things from Samira, she waited it out and eventually got the connection she was looking for.

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What do you think about this series of Love Island? Do you think it’s a true reflection of dating in 2018? Please let me know in the comments!





2 thoughts on “What does Love Island say about dating in 2018?

  1. The diary of Ellie says:

    I love the series because im a sucker for reality trash tv but its like the worst reflection of real life love/relationships. I understand that they’re with each other 24/7 so obviously emotions are high and they might feel more love towards someone in a short amount of time but to be honest we see like an hour of a 24 hour day and i think if we were to see every little conversation i think it potentially would show off a true reflection!

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