Gym shark: is it worth the price tag?

My first impressions of Gym Shark

I’d like to start by saying I’m so bad when it comes to buying workout clothes! Considering I go to the gym four times a week, I probably buy gym clothes maybe once or twice a year. Gym clothes are just so expensive aren’t they, but they always do seem to last! After spending what feels like forever stalking Gym Shark’s website and social media, I decided to give my Nike leggings a break (I just can’t find a fit like them!) and treat myself to a Gym Shark set out of my birthday money. Read on to discover my first impressions of the brand and find out if they really are worth the price tag…

Gym Shark Fit

I purchased the Gym Shark flex sports bra in a size S and the Gym Shark flex leggings in XS and they fit is pretty much perfect! The material is knitted, lightweight and stretchy…exactly what you want from workout clothes! I also think the high-waist fit is super flattering on my waist and I love the way the sculpting design fits around my curves.
The only negative thing I have to say about the fit is the length of the leggings. At only 5ft3, I don’t expect all leggings to be a great fit, however, these are quite long. Although with them being lightweight and knitted, I don’t think you can really tell.

Does Gym Shark cut my workout?

For cardio, resistance and squatting, Gym Shark is perfect! It’s sort of like a second skin and adjusts to my body’s movement. However, for ab workouts, the sports bra tends to move around. So if you tend to work your abs, I recommend purchasing a Gym Shark top too to reduce movement!

Get the look

Gym Shark Flex sports bra in khaki/sand – £26.00
Gym Shark Flex leggings in khaki/sand- £32.00
Nike Flex trainers (not exact) – £44.47
Have you purchased anything from Gym Shark before? What do you think of the brand? Please let me know in the comments!

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