Getting your makeup done professionally: how to deal with makeup artists

Professional makeup with Mac cosmetics

For special occasions such as weddings, I always have my makeup done professionally. This isn’t because I can’t do my own makeup (well I hope I can anyway!), it’s just because I class it as a little treat to myself. I’ve had my makeup done professionally a few times now, but if you’re unsure how to approach getting your makeup done professionally, read on to discover my handy tips on dealing with makeup artists…
Although I have worked with Mac cosmetics in the past, this post is not sponsored. I just love Mac’s professional makeup service. 

Know what you want beforehand

Before you get your makeup done professionally, you need a clear picture in your head of what you actually want! My go to look when I get my makeup done professionally is full coverage, defined brows, nude eyes, winged liner and slight contour and highlight.
If you’re going to a cosmetic stand, rather than a freelance artist, it’s also worth visiting the cosmetic stand before your appointment. This just gives you some time to familiarise yourself with which products you may want to be used in your appointment. For example, I popped into Mac a few weeks ago to pick out the shade ‘Burnt Spice’ for my lips.

Be direct

You might be paying a lot of money to have your makeup done professionally, so you need to make sure you’re happy with the final look. Like I’ve previously mentioned, I usually get my makeup done professionally for special occasions. So I don’t really want to look back on a load of wedding pictures and hate my make-up!
If you’re not happy with a part of your makeup, just tell them! This allows them to fix it there and then. Rather than you having to mess around to fix it when you get home! I wasn’t happy with my brows last week, so I just outright said it. Obviously, people have different makeup preferences too. So the makeup artists usual technique, might just not be to your taste.

Why Mac?

I’ll be honest and say Mac isn’t exactly my favourite cosmetic brand. I do love their lip colours and concealer, but for overall products, I do prefer other brands. But for professional makeup artists, they do always seem to come out on top!
You can choose a range of appointments with Mac, but I always opt for the 1-hour slot. In the 1 hour appointment, they do your full face of makeup and often discuss techniques and new products with you. With Mac, you also get the £40 appointment fee redeemed in products. So if you’re running out of foundation but have a big night out planned, it’s well worth booking in! You can read all about my first ever professional makeup session with Mac by clicking here.
Do you often get your makeup done professionally? Have you got any more tips to add? please let me know in the comments!

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