Turtle Bay Sheffield: a review

sauces at turtle bay

Checking out the new Turtle Bay in Sheffield

So I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch night of Turtle Bay in Sheffield. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go, (I know, gutting!) so they invited me and a friend in for a meal on the house instead. Read on to discover my thoughts on the new Turtle Bay Sheffield and check out how I get on sampling some classic Caribbean cuisine…

The Turtle Bay Menu

I’ve been to Turtle Bay in Leeds before. However, me being my usuak fussy self, I just opted for a chicken wrap. So this time, I was determined to branch out and try some actual Caribbean classics!
For starters, I opted for the Trini doubles and Jess picked the garlic bread. The starters were such good portions, especially the garlic bread which was HUGE! My starter was super tasty and came with chickpeas and veg. If you’re wondering, Trinis are sort of like a naan bread, but less dense.
For main, I picked the Mo Bay chicken and swapped the rice and peas for sweet potato fries…I can’t see sweet potato fries on the menu and not automatically opt for them, what can I say? Jess picked the spinach, aubergine and sweet potato curry. My Mo Bay chicken was really creamy, which I loved! The only thing I’d say is the amount of chicken I got wasn’t great, but because my starter was quite big, it didn’t really bother me! And also the sweet potato fries were the best I’ve had in a long time!
Jess said her curry was very flavoursome and she was impressed with the size of the portion. However, she said it was quite hot. So if you don’t love spice, you may want to opt for something like the Mo Bay chicken which was much milder.
To finish, I had the cheesecake and Jess picked the brownie. My cheesecake was banoffee flavoured and came with an amazing toffee sauce. Jess really enjoyed her brownie and said the flavour of the ice cream really complimented the richness of the brownie.

Turtle Bay Sheffield

I really loved my experience at Turtle Bay in Sheffield. The restaurant had a really nice atmosphere and the food really was spot on! The waitress who served me was super friendly and make the experience really enjoyable. Turtle Bay Sheffield also has a really nice outdoor area too. Making it the perfect spot to grab one (or five) of their amazing cocktails on a Saturday night!
Have you been to Turtle Bay before? What do you think of their menu? Please let me know in the comments!

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