I'm another year older: what do I want?

I’ve hit my mid-twenties, how did this happen?

I can’t believe I’ve officially hit my mid-twenties. Twenty four is might the twenties, right? I thought I’d get myself out of my blogging break and put together a little post talking about all the things I want out of being 24. Read on to discover all the things I want from this age…
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To Travel

I’m talking both about the UK and abroad! I’ve only ever been to Scotland once (does one visit to Glasgow airport even really count?) Plus I’ve been never been to Wales and I rarely ever go down south. As much as I love Yorkshire and the North East, I really need to get out more!
I’ve accepted I will never be the backpacking type, so I’m planning to do European city breaks instead. Find a nice cushy hotel on late rooms, book a cheap flight, be smart with where you eat and you’ll end up keeping the costs down…which means more city breaks for me! I really want to visit various cities in Portugal, Croatia, Greece and Italy.

To improve my fitness

I regularly blog about my love of fitness, (check out my favourite post here!)  But what you probably don’t know about is how bad I am at cardio! Honestly, this body was not built for speed! I’ve been putting myself through HIIT lately and discovered I’m sooooo bad at it! So this time last year, I basically want to be able to run.

To stop moving so much

Relocating for my job so fast, meant I had really little time to find somewhere nice to live. Although I loved my first house in Sheffield, it was way too small for how much stuff I own…my shoes literally need a room of their own! I’ve moved since then (let’s not even talk about that house!) and I’m currently moving again on Saturday. My new house is lovely and I can see myself staying for a while, so expect a ‘how I styled my bedroom’ type post!

To stop wishing my life away

These ones a biggy for me! I’ve got to the point recently where I’m like I really want that top spec car or that amazing flat right now. But I’ve got to remember I’m still only young, so I’ve really got to stop wishing my life away to the point where I might have those things. But at the end of the day, these things will happen when there are supposed to, so I’ve got to enjoy being young and in my twenties!
What did you want out of your twenties? You’ll have to let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I think it’s so important to make a list like this for areas you want to improve.

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