Adorable Ways To Show off Your Engagement Ring on Social Media

Low-Key Ways Of Showing Off Your Engagement Ring

As the saying goes, ‘no one likes a show-off’. Whether you realise it or not, when we post photos online we are mentally calculating numerous things. These thoughts include: ‘will people like this?’, ‘do I look good in this photo?’, and ‘am I coming across too showy?’.

It’s only natural to want to portray the best image of ourselves to the world and this is especially the culture on social media. When you have just been proposed to by the love of your life, who somehow found a way to secretly drop by without  you know, naturally, you would want to scream and shout about it on Facebook. This article lists some of the more subtle ways you can do this so you don’t end up alienating your friends.


Now, let’s imagine your beloved has already visited a diamond ring retailer that allowed him to  choose to create a customised ring and has already given it to you. Now, you want to share the good news to the whole world and here are tips on how to do it tastefully.

Instead of the obvious selfie shots, think about integrating some of these more inventive ways of showing off your engagement ring:

A Photo Of Both You And Your Partner

Take a picture of you kissing your loved one whilst wrapping your arms around him, but in a way the audience can see the ring. You can also be holding hands with your beloved and get a photographer to take a picture of one of you up close. Doing a photo together is a beautiful way to tactfully tell everyone you’re getting hitched without blatantly bragging about it.

Add A Twist

You can add a splash of humour if you wish! For example, if your special someone proposed whilst you both were on a trip, take a photo fo some stunning scenery. At the front, you can hold out your hand or you might want to place it on something more subtle. Find things around you such as rocks, flowers or a rail that you can place the ring on.

A Photo From The Moment Itself

This is a classic moment and your friends or other people who follow you will absolutely love it! Everyone loves a happy ending so an authentic snap of the moment by someone who witnessed the proposal will look good on social media. It makes others feel as if they were there with you on that moment.
As you can see, there are several ways to make the ring photo come across in much more candid way. Doing this can evoke even more positive reactions than just your average selfie.



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