Novel Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Sister

Birthday gifts

Of all the family members to buy a gift for, it is your sister that likely poses the biggest challenge. Even though you know her so well, she seems to have everything she needs and more, which leaves you with the question, “What do you buy a girl who has everything?” The answer is, of course, jewellery, and knowing your sister as you do, not just any brand will suffice, and with that in mind, here are some great birthday gift ideas for your sister.


 A Charm Bracelet

The first thing to do is go online and check out the Pandora Summer 2018 Collection available at John Greed Jewellery. With a wide range of quality items at affordable prices, any girl would be over the moon to receive such a gift. Online jewelers offer lower than retail prices and every now and then they have a clearance sale to move stock for the up and coming season, which might mean as much as 20% off the recommended retail price.

A Lucky Charm

If she already owns a Pandora charm bracelet (highly likely), then have a browse through the many unique charms that Pandora produces, and let’s face it, if we’re talking bracelets, it simply has to be Pandora. This Danish jewellery maker has taken the world by storm since it arrived in the 1990s, and is currently the designer label of choice for millions of fashion conscious females around the world. There are articles available online that can provide you an interesting look at the history of lucky charms.

A Personalised Piece

Why not have your very own special message engraved on a charm or locket? Pandora is the only jewellery maker that will personalise an item, and with an online jeweller, everything can be arranged via their website and when the item arrives, it will already contain those well-chosen words of wisdom. Something like “Always here for you Sis” or “Stay strong and be happy” will always touch her heart, and you might have that special sentence that only you and her know, and this would be the ideal thing to have inscribed. It might be a shape that has a special meaning. With something that has a special meaning, she will always treasure the gift and wear it religiously.

 A Quality Time Piece

If you want your sister to think of you several times a day, then buy her a customised watch. The range of styles is such that it matters not what her fashion preferences are, and with the help of a good friend, you can select with confidence. There are those who say that the traditional watch is giving way to the digital device, with smart watches taking over, yet the fashion gurus say that the traditional watch is an essential fashion accessory, therefore it is here to stay. Choosing something from the Swarovski range will ensure the gift is well received, and with online shopping, you can expect to pay a little less than you would in traditional high street jewellers.

Selecting a gift for your sister is made easy when you think of jewellery, and with the new Pandora Collection as your starting point, she will soon be receiving the ultimate gift from a caring sibling.


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