My hair routine has never been so organised!

So the other week I was gifted a Premium Styling Dock by Minky, a heatproof storage system for your straighteners, curlers and hairdryers, and it has already become a lifesaver! Read on to discover more about this handy little invention. 


So you know when you’re getting ready for a night out and your straighteners are still a thousand degrees and you don’t want to just leave them lying on your floor but you have nowhere else to put them? The Premium Styling Dock is that place! It’s totally heatproof so you can put everything in there to cool down after you’ve used them. It’s also got a cable reel on the back to wind the cables around – I HATE wires and always spend ages untangling them so I loved this feature! It’s also got three little pots attached to it to put in all your hair accessories so there will be no more frantic searches for a hair grip when you need one (seriously, where do they all go??). They have literally thought of everything!


I honestly love this product; my dressing table has never looked so organised! I didn’t really have anywhere to safely store my styling tools before so this is a total game changer. It’s so easy to use as well, it even has a little hook on the back so you could hang it in a cupboard or wherever if you don’t have any room left on your dressing table.
The Premium Styling Dock is currently on offer for £24.99 so go get yours here!
Would you use the Premium Styling Dock? What do you think of it? Please let me know in the comments!

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