Pop pilates: a reveiw

What happened when I popped into the Happiness Bootcamp

So last week I was lucky enough to be invited to sample a Pop Pilate class by the lovely Aimee Browes. However, I’ve never actually tried an exercise class before! This is basically because over time I’ve pretty much learned what works for my body and what doesn’t, (visit my fitness section to find out more)  So I made the silly mistake of popping to the gym on my lunch that day, if only I’d have known what to expect! Read on to discover my thoughts on Pop Pilate….

Pop Pilates: so what is it?

The first thing Aimee said to me, is that Pop Pilates isn’t the same as Pilates, it’s a lot intense! Pop-Pilates combines core building and high-intensity workout that sculpts and tones every inch of your body with no weights while working on combating stress.
Each class uses a combination of fun and toning movements such as the dancing dog, rockette bridges, and even a hallow rock! We keep it fun, different and never the same! Pop Pilates began in American and created by Cassey Ho (@blogilates) and uses Pilates moves to create a beautiful and fun dance on the mat that everyone can do. The aim of Pop Pilates is to get people moving, smiling and feeling happier!

My thoughts on Pop Pilates

I was so impressed with the class! Like I’ve already mentioned, I’ve never done an exercise class before, so I didn’t really know what to expect! But I found Pop Pilates really intense, but also super relaxing. I’m really trying to tone up my body in preparation for summer. And after one class, I can only imagine what a regular attendance would do for my thighs and abs! I did ache for a few days after, but that’s how you know you’re doing something right! I’m 100% adding this class to my weekly workout, combining it with my usual three gym sessions.
If anyone is looking for a more intense version of Yoga or Pilates, pop into Amiee’s class on a Monday evening at 6:45pm at Union St, Sheffield.

About the Happiness Bootcamp

Aimee Browes, is a a 19-year-old who runs The Happiness Bootcamp, an award-winning UK project fighting for mental health awareness using fitness. She creates and runs events across the UK teaching people of all ages to be empowered and better their mental health through fitness. By using workshops, classes and training days to both the public and businesses, she teaches self-love, how to love who we are and how to not let your mental health stop you achieving in life. By using fitness to teach about mental health, this releases endorphins during the sessions to help people engage in activities and the interactive side of topics, something totally new to mental health teaching.

The Happiness Bootcamp in the press

The Happiness Bootcamp has been seen on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Newsbeat, The Tab, The Sun, The Telegraph, led talks at the women in Leadership Conference 2018, as well as running a class at this years BE:FIT festival 2018 and speaking about mental health at BODYPOWER 2018.
Have you tried a pilates class or anything similar? What did you think? Please let me know in the comments!

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