How to stay safe while internet dating

Top tips for staying safe on adult dating apps

Pretty much all of us have tried Tinder, Bumble or something similar. But as more and more people find partners online, we want to keep these adult dating platforms as safe as possible! Read on to discover my tips on dealing with online sexual harassment, as well as staying safe on dates…
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Online sexual harassment: what should I do?

So many of us have faced unwanted sexual comments online, but what should you do when faced with this situation? My advice…nothing!
Behind a keyboard, (or more often a smartphone these days!) people often aren’t afraid to hold back their words. So more often than not, you’ll find yourself in a situation which you’d normally never be faced with in real life. So my advice the next time you receive an unwanted comment on a dating app? Literally just ignore it! This person is more than likely only wanting a rise from yourself, so why would you give this immature individual what they want?
However, most dating apps now have safety features, allowing you to report any misconduct. So if you feel like you’ve received a completely unacceptable level of online sexual harassment, you should 100% report it! Although everyone’s level of acceptable behaviour may be different, we want online dating to be safe for everyone, so if in doubt, report it!

1. Get to know your date beforehand

The recommended number of messages that you and your future date should have shared, is at least ten. Would you really want to go on a date with someone you literally knew nothing about? A good conversation beforehand will also settle those first date nerves!

2. Always stay within your comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone is never good for most things. But as far as internet dating goes, you need to remain safe at all times. Always meet in a public place, such as a busy bar or restaurant. And to try to avoid the whole ‘Netflix and chill’ situation as your first date option! Because unless you know this person or have mutual friends, you really could be going to ANYONE’s house.

3. Always tell a friend where you’re going

Don’t even dream of meeting up with someone from a dating app unless you tell someone where you’re going! They could be a perfectly nice person, but you’ve got to find out that for yourself first.

4. Conduct a quick social media stalk

This may sound invasive, but you don’t want a full-blown catfish situation on your hands. I’m not talking an investigation dating right back to 2009…more of a seeing if their job title and location check out. And also if they actually look like their dating app photos!

5. Plan an exit strategy

You don’t need to be climbing through a toilet window here! Make a plan with a friend to ring you at a specific time. Or why not get creative and practice your lying ability? Well, it’s definitely possible your friend’s neighbors’ tortoises funeral (who you had really special bond with) may well be at 8am the next morning, meaning you need an early night. Well, actually that may be a little extreme, but you get the idea!
Have you got any tips for staying safe online? Please let me know in the comments!

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