Selfie bag: my thoughts

Selfie bag review

So this week I was lucky enough to be gifted with a selfie bag, as well as a little booklet containing a whole load of tips on getting the perfect selfie! And who doesn’t want the perfect selfie, right? Read on to discover what a selfie bag actually is and check out my thoughts…




So what is a selfie bag?

So a selfie bag is a jute bag with special pockets for your selfie stick and phone. As well as a foil protector so you can always achieve that ‘perfect lighting’. And when it comes to achieving a good selfie, lighting is everything, isn’t it?

So I reckon this bag would be pretty handy if you’re out and about, then decide it’s a good opportunity for a selfie, but then actually realise you’re faced with poor lighting! The bag is also pretty room too! So it would be the perfect accessory for summer days out, as you can easily fit all your summer necessities in, like highlighter…and snacks!

Selfie facts

  • So did you know that 74% of all images shared on Snapchat are selfies?
  • And 1,000 selfies are posted to Instagram every 10 seconds?
  • But that’s hardly surprising when you considered 93 million selfies are taken every day!

Get your mitts on a  selfie bag

You can purchase your own selfie bag here.



What do you think of the selfie bag? Do you think you’d use one? Let me know in the comments!



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