Help, is this the 'twenties, 20'?

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My friends are calling me dramatic RN. You have been warned…

I’ve literally just found out about this concept called the ‘twenties, 20’. You know like the ‘freshers, 13’, but this weight gain that happens in your 20s. As opposed to being caused by cheap jager and dodge pizza shop meal deals, (fond memories!) The twenties 20 is commonly caused by a lack of exercise, indulging in meals out and cocktail happy hours. But I exercise and I don’t eat out THAT much, so why do I feel like I’m bigger than my teens and early twenties? Read on to discover my thoughts…

Why do I feel like I’m gaining weight?

So yesterday I had a few bad pictures taken of me. We’re talking the tree trunk legs and double chins level of unflattering! So I obviously reacted in typical Lucy fashion…with a rant and cry to my friends, complaining about how ‘fat’ I’ve suddenly got and why the bloody hell didn’t I notice I was gaining weight?!! I’m a size 6/8 but I’m 5ft3, so that’s slim, right? But I’m curvy too, so people tend to think I’m a lot taller than what I am. But as well as looking taller, I think because of my build, I probably look bigger than what I am at the same time. And to be honest, I’ve struggled with this for years.
I don’t particularly like my body because of these reasons. Plus I was talking to another blogger today about this too, and how we both wished our legs were thinner and taller. Because every other blogger seems to have long thin legs! But at the end of the day, I’m only 5ft3 and the weights gotta go somewhere.

My struggles with food

But my figure is only half the battle for little old Luce. Three years ago, after a visit to the doctors, I found out I had IBS. If you have IBS, you’ll know it’s quite hard for doctors to establish a difference between IBS and food intolerances. But that’s another story!
With my IBS, I bloat a lot due to eating certain foods. And I can even stay bloated for a couple of days after eating some foods. But in my head, I struggle to distinguish the difference between bloating and weight gain. ‘Cause as far as I’m concerned, it’s basically the same thing. But it’s so much more than that just bloating! Sometimes I have a constant sicky feeling for days, even experience sharp painful cramps in my stomach. It’s just a really crap thing to happen to your body after eating food.
IBS is also linked to anxiety. So when I get stressed or really anxious, I literally get ill. I’ve never taken tablets for my IBS other than the odd occasion. Which is completely stupid, because it would probably cope with it a lot better! But I’m getting to the point now, where I’m really not coping with it. So as burying my head in the sand and pretending like it’s normal isn’t really working out, I’ve finally booked another doctors appointment, only three years later. So I’m planning another blog post on the whole ordeal. ‘Cause knowing me, it’s probably going to be dramatic.

I’m getting zero results from the gym

I feel like my gym results have plateaued too! I’ve added more cardio to my routine and upped my weights now to hopefully see some better results.  (you can check my gym workout out here!) But I just feel like I’ve come from a place of having an ‘okay’ relationship with my body, to being like, ‘what the hell is even going on?!!’.
I’ve transitioned from abs and super toned, to then increasing my cardio and slimming down, to now just bloated, sluggish and generally a bit meh! So if anyone has any advice on this, can you pop it in the comments because I’d be super grateful!
(*Inserts picture of me feeling bloated from today*)
So this has been ended up being personal one! Does anyone else feel like they’re gaining weight so much easier now they’re older? Please let me know in the comments!

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