How I monetised my blog

My top tips for making cash in the bloggersphere

So I’ve been blogging for approximately three and a half years now and I’ll be honest, it’s only in the past six months that I’ve ever made any money from my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving gifts! But there’s nothing quite like receiving money from a collab or post you’ve worked really hard on!
I have a rule of always putting the money I make back into the blog. Whether this is through clothes, shoots, beauty products or basically purchasing anything else I think would make a great post. I just think this good idea when it comes to increasing my chance of working with other brands! So read on if you’re interested in finding out how I make money from my blog.

Reach out to brands

There are a few different ways you can reach out to brands. I recommend reaching out to brands through email or direct message. By doing this, I’ve managed to bag myself quite a few collabs, including my personal favourite of Cheese Postie! Honestly, the worst thing they can say is no!
I’d also reccomend reaching out to brands by tagging them on Twitter and Instagram posts. I bagged myself my first ever collab of Skinny Tan by tagging the brand in products I’d just purchased out of my money, for them to then send me a huge box of their brand new range!
It’s slightly harder to make money from reaching out to brands yourself. I work in marketing, so I know there’s not always campaigns and budgets available, but it’s still worth asking if they’re planning any campaigns.

Use Twitter hashtags

Using Twitter hashtags such as #BloggersWanted and #BloggersRequired alert you to all the collabs and paid opportunities currently available. Brands use these hashtags when offering their latest opportunities. So I recommend checking these hashtags daily to keep up to date with all the latest brand campaigns!

Join blogging facebook groups

This is another biggy for making money from blogging! Just like Twitter, brands join these Facebook groups to share all their current campaigns, collabs and opportunities. I recommend joining  ‘Uk Blogger Opportunities’ ‘Blogger Assignments and Opportunities’ as well as your local area bogger’s groups. Brands typically post Google Forms asking for your name, email, address, and DA. So bear it in mind you’ll most likely need to know your DA before reaching out to brands!

Make sure your email is clearly displayed on your Twitter and Instagram profiles

This makes it super easy for brands to contact you when they see your social media profiles! My Instagram profile is set up as a business account, allowing me to monitor how many brands are finding my email from Instagram. Which is super helpful in discovering how brands are actually finding me!

Download Apps like Get Blogged

Get Blogged provides paid blogging opportunities for bloggers to write content on specific topics. This is a brilliant idea for blogger’s who are experiencing writer’s block (we’ve all been there!) Although you will need to know your DA, which you can only get from purchasing your own domain.
Have you got any tips on making money from blogging? Please let me in the comments!

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  1. This was a really interesting post! As someone who doesn’t earn from their blog I always find it intriguing how people get to the point of earning!
    Thank you!
    Claire xxx

  2. Great tips. We sure learn every day. I didn’t know these points before. I’m always looking for ways to monetise my blog. I will try them out. Thanks for sharing

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