Selfie bag: my thoughts

Selfie bag review So this week I was lucky enough to be gifted with a selfie bag, as well as a little booklet containing a whole load of tips on getting the perfect selfie! And who doesn’t want the perfect selfie, right? Read on to discover what a selfie bag actually is and check out […]

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Styling this season’s tricky items: white boots

baker boy

Here’s a little style inspo for anyone experiencing fashion summer strugs Have you ever thought, ‘Oh wow, I love this trend, but I can’t figure out how to style it‘? ‘Cause that’s literally me, all the time! I’d rather buy clothes that I feel good in, not items that even Kylie Jenner still probably feels […]

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Help, is this the 'twenties, 20'?

walking away

My friends are calling me dramatic RN. You have been warned… I’ve literally just found out about this concept called the ‘twenties, 20’. You know like the ‘freshers, 13’, but this weight gain that happens in your 20s. As opposed to being caused by cheap jager and dodge pizza shop meal deals, (fond memories!) The […]

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How I monetised my blog

My top tips for making cash in the bloggersphere So I’ve been blogging for approximately three and a half years now and I’ll be honest, it’s only in the past six months that I’ve ever made any money from my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving gifts! But there’s nothing quite like receiving money […]

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My Hot Cross Buns with a twist

Are you ready for some more Easter indulgence? I’d like to start by saying Happy Easter everyone! So whether it’s dairy-free, protein or milk chocolate, I hope you’re all tucking into your chocolate by now! But if you’re ready for even more indulgence, (of course you are, it’s Easter!) read on to discover how to […]

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