My first experience of contact lenses

Coloured contacts: a review

I’ve never had to use contact lenses, but when Feel Good Contacts give me the opportunity to review one of their products, I was super excited to give them a go! I’m a little short-sighted, but nowhere near enough to warrant wearing glasses. And I’ve been very cautious about wearing coloured contacts on halloween…drunk Lucy isn’t the most capable version of Lucy. Read on to discover my thoughts of trying coloured contacts for the first time…

How to put coloured contact lenses in

1. Wash your hands

This is super super important! You don’t hand any dirt or bacteria contaminating your eyes or contacts! So make sure to always wash your hands before taking your contacts of the case. Always make sure to have a clean surface to put your products on too. The easiest way to do this is to place a clean towel down.

2. Take the contacts out of their case

The contacts come separately in little packets with a little bit of solution already inside. After the first use, you should always store the contacts in the plastic travel case provided and put a little solution inside. This basically stops the contacts becoming damaged! You should make sure the contacts are still wet before you attempt to put them in your eyes.

3. Insert the contacts

To insert the contacts, you should place on the lens on your index, make sure the lens is balanced in the center of your ginger with the coloured side pointed downwards.
To insert the lens, you need to hold your upper and lower eyelids open with your fingers. This just makes it way easier to insert the contacts! Next, slowly place the lens on your eye, with the center of the lens exactly on center your pupil. Once you’ve done this, release your bottom lid. If your contact isn’t center, just blink a few times to adjust the lens. Now repeat the process with your other eye!

My first impressions

We all change our hair and make-up so often, but it’s strange to think about how easy we can change our eye colours too! I have hazel eyes, but I don’t think my eyes ‘pop’ green or brown, so I’ve really loved experimenting with these blue contacts.
If I was doing a shoot, I think contacts from Feel Good Contacts would be a brilliant idea to achieve a really different look! I wouldn’t wear contacts for night’s out, as I wouldn’t trust myself removing them drunk. But for special occasions, I’ll definitely be trying more of their range.
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About Feel Good Contacts

Feel Good Contacts is the one stop shop for all things contacts! It provides up 50% off contacts available on the high street and even has a price match guarantee. Which is perfect for anyone like me, who wasn’t tried coloured contacts before, but would love to start experimenting with eye colour!
Have you ever tried coloured contacts? What do you think of coloured contacts? Please let me know in the comments!

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