How to know if you're being stalked on social media

And the apps you need to download right now!

Do you ever get curious about who’s scrolling through your twitter profile, or spending the most time on your Instagram grid? Well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely do!  I even watch to see who’s checking out Snapchat and Instagram stories. I know, it’s really sad, but I like to know whos’ watching!
We all thought the days of Snapchat ‘best friends’ were a thing of the past. But what if I could tell you I know exactly who’s spending the most time on my Instagram profile, who my ‘ghost followers’ are, and even who’s taking time to let all my pictures but refusing to follow me back? Yeah, these features blow Snapchat ‘best friends’ out of the water! Read on to discover how to find out whos’ stalking you on social media…

Using social media as a blogger/influencer

The way you use social media if you’re a blogger or an influencer is so much different from the average person. Before I was a blogger, I’d just follow a load of random celebs and people I hardly knew. Just because I’m super nosy! But being a blogger, social media becomes all about engagement and numbers.
Potential brands are looking for engagement rates, (and that’s how people often spot bots!) So you have to prioritise people who follow you back and tend to like/comment on your posts and then unfollow the ones that don’t. This is all within reason though, don’t go unfollowing your close friends if they’ve missed the odd post! Social media is all about numbers too. So if you’re following 1500 people and only 200 people are following you, a brand may think you’re content and engagement rate is poor, so they’ll think twice about working with you.
The aim of a blogger is to always have a higher number of followers in comparison to the number you’re following yourself. But as your platforms grow, this isn’t always possible! So instead, the brand will look at how many people are interacting with you online. And if you’re barely getting comments and likes but have a huge following, brands will definitely question why that is. But don’t worry, an explanation of my favourite apps are below to help you improve your engagement rate and the way you use your social media platforms.



This is the app I used to track my Instagram stats. It’s free to initially download the app, but if you want ‘plus’ features, it’ll set you back £5 a month. I’ve found this app really helpful in discovering who wasn’t following me back. As well as discovering who was spending the most time on my profile (more on that later!) See below for all the features.


These are the people spending the most time on your profile. They don’t necessarily have to be following you, just spending a lot of time there.

Secret Admirers

The people not following you, but liking a lot of your images.

Ghost followers

These are the people who are following you but not liking your content or watching your stories.


You are both following each other.

Best friends

You are following each other and liking a lot of each other’s content.

Not following me back/I’m not following back

Self-explanatory really! This is a useful tool for seeing the people that have unfollowed you before downloading the app.

Best likers/ Best commenters/ Worst likers/ Worst commenters

These tools are useful for finding out who are the best and worst engagers.

Lost followers

This is the tool bloggers rave about! With tracker, you get a notification everytime someone unfollows you. This is super useful for discovering the bloggers who follow/unfollow for following numbers.

Twit Follow

This app isn’t as technical as Tracker, but it’s useful to see the users who have unfollowed you. I don’t think Twitter is as much as numbers game in comparison to Instagram and is a whole lot more about interaction. So I try to follow bloggers who’s tweets I enjoy reading or the people and brands who tend to interact with me.
As you can see, the tools are very similar to tracker so I won’t repeat myself. I found this tool really useful for discovering the bloggers that have unfollowed me over the years or never followed me back. And Twit Follow even lets you unfollow these people from the app! This tool is also very useful in seeing the rate your followers are growing, letting you know if you should be investing more time into growing your twitter.
Are you using these apps? Have you got any tracking apps you recommend? Please let me know in the comments!

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