My skincare routine to achieve flawless skin

My flawless skincare routine perfect for sensitive skin

So recently, I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted some skincare products! With having sensitive skin, I’ve been pretty limited to Nieva products, as everything else seems to bring me out in a rash! Face masks are a big no-no, with even products from Soap and Glory and Dermalogica having caused reactions. However, I finally got to mix my skincare routine up when I was gifted some new products. Read on to discover my flawless skincare routine which is perfect for sensitive skin.

My skincare routine

So I was lucky enough to be sent the M-Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask and several cleansing cloths from Cloud Cloth. Normally I just remove my makeup using Nieva make-up removal wipes, followed by moisturising with the Nieva 24 hour moisture boost. It was a hardly adventurous routine and I was jealous of my friends being able to use pretty much whatever product they liked.
I think I have fairly average skin, considering it’s sensitive. I sometimes get the odd spot. But I’ve never suffered from acne, even when I was a teenager. I normally get dry skin around my eyebrows, but that’s pretty standard from waxing. Considering I have sensitive skin, I’ve never actually had an allergic reaction to make-up. Heavy foundations do tend to cause more spots, but I’ve never had an issue using my current fave by Nars, (click here to read the review!)


(M)Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask

This is the first time ever a cleansing mask that hasn’t caused an allergic reaction. So I’m super grateful for having received this! To apply the mask, mix the powder with a small amount of water, which forms a sort of clay in your hands. It didn’t take me long to get the consistency right, but you can always adjust it till it feels right! Then apply it to your face and leave for a few minutes. You’ll notice your skin suddenly starts to firm up as the clay dries. This is when I removed it with warm water.
Often masks are really difficult to wash off. However, this washed off instantly, making me more likely to use it more regularly! I did sort of feel like I was giving off orange skrek vibes, but you’ve got to do these things in the name of beauty, right?
Visit (M)Botanicals to get your hands on the Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask for £25.

img_0649Cloud cloths

I removed the M-Botanicals Gentle Enzyme Cleansing Mask using one of my cloud cloths. The cloud cloths come in a pack of three and are reusable by simply popping them in the washing machine. The cloud cloths are double-sided, so one side is super soft and is perfect for removing make-up, masks and skincare products. And is completely fine to be used on sensitive skin, like mine! With the other side designed for exfoliation and buffing the skin.
I’ve never used anything like this before, but I was super impressed! The cloths are so soft and removed the mask instantly. I plan to really utilise these cloths in my skincare routine, so I can’t wait to try them using different products.
Vist cloud cloth to get your hands on a pack of three for just £8. 
Have you tried any of these products before? What’s your usual skincare routine? Please let me know in the comments!

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