Are you spending too much money on clothes each month?

The average monthly clothes budgets are in

So a while back I did a little Instagram survey to discover if I was spending a normal amount of money on clothes each month. I find with being a blogger you’re always on the hunt for the latest trends. And when you see those trends…you want them ALL! I know, 21st-century struggs, right? So I was super curious to see if everyone else’s shopping habits were on par with mine. Read on to discover if you’re due a whole new wardrobe, or maybe it’s finally time to cut up that credit card…

The breakdown

So I asked my Instagram followers how much they were spending on clothes each month and I got the following results:

  • 29% are spending £50 or less each month
  • 41% are spending £50-£100 each month
  • 32.5% are spending £100-£200 each month
  • 17.5% are spending £200+ each month

I did think most people were spending around £100 a month before I put the survey together anyway. But I really don’t reckon £100 is overdoing it! It’s roughly what, a pair of shoes and maybe 2 tops? I’d say that’s a pretty average amount to spend! I suppose it does all come down to income and where you actually shop though.
Some month’s I’m all about quality and I might treat myself to some new Zara boots. But other month’s I find myself eyeing up about 20 items from e-commerce sites.

My shopping habits

I used to pretty much live in my gym clothes when I wasn’t wearing my old work uniform. But now I work in an environment where I can pretty much wear what I want. And a lot of marketing/PR agencies are like this now! But this means I’m wearing and washing my clothes a lot more than I ever have done before. Which means I’m wanting to buy more clothes than I ever have done before! Yes, Primark may seem like a bargain a time, but it doesn’t exactly wash well does it? Cue the weird fluffy bobbly bits on my favourite pussy bow dress…
I’ve been super tight the last couple of months with myself moving house and paying my car insurance off in whole among other things. Which unfortunately has meant no online shopping for Luce! As well as forcing myself to stay well away from Zara and Topshop. But normally, I break down my salary and give myself a ‘blog allowance’. So basically any clothes, make-up, and any other costs for my blog I might have to pay that month. This basically helps me keep my spending under wraps.

Shopping as a blogger

Like I’ve already mentioned, when you happen to be a fashion blogger, you also want to own every trend going! But in reality, most bloggers aren’t spending that much money on clothes, because well, they just can’t afford it!
Us bloggers know how to be pretty clever with our gram’s to make it look like we’ve got it all. But in reality, unless items are gifted, we’ve paid for all that ourselves. But at the end of the day though, I still want to have a life and go places and do things, as much as I want 3 pairs of new boots for an upcoming fashion shoot. So I find being a blogger is all about prioritizing and balance.

My shopping tips and tricks!

If you’re a big fan of shopping online like me, you’ll know there’s always a huge range of offers and discounts you can take advantage of! Missguided and Pretty Little Thing are always offering amazing discounts. So make sure to take advantage of them!
Plus always sign up for the newsletters! Pretty Little Thing sent me a 25% off code a few days ago. And considering how all their items are already good value for money anyway, I’ll definitely be able to get my mitts on a bargain now!
I also find it super helpful to write a list of the items you actually need each month and then budget for them.

Luce’s Lookbooks

As you can probably gather, I am literally the bargain queen! And over the past couple of month’s I’ve been putting together some lookbooks that won’t see you emptying your bank account. Check them out below and cut down your monthly spending!
Click here to read my January Berksha lookbook
Click here to read my February LOTD lookbook
Do you reckon you have good shopping habits? Do you have any tips and tricks? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. As I’ve gotten more into fashion blogging my shopping habits have been terrible, while I only buy the odd item here and there it soon adds up and I’ve probably spent about £100-£150 on clothes in February (although some months I don’t buy anything so it does balance itself out) and I haven’t even done any fashion posts with them yet! It’s so awkward trying to keep up with the trends while also staying true to my own style…plus sticking to a budget
    Alicia x

    1. Sometimes it does all balance out though. But because I’ve been good for so long, I need quite a lot of things next month. It is really awkward being a blogger, because you do feel like you need to jump on trends. But at the end of the day, not all of us are millionaires! X

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