How I achieve my flawless skin

The foundation you need for perfect Instagram worthy skin

I used to switch my foundations as often as I changed my mood. So if you know me well, you’ll know that’s a hell of a lot! But when you finally find a long-lasting foundation that just works for you, you can count your lucky stars that your days of patchy off-colored skin are finally over! Read on to read my full review of the All Day Luminous foundation by Nars

I recommend getting matched

I 100% recommend going to get your foundation matched professionally. I never for a second thought my perfect match would be the 4th shade from the lightest! But I can honestly say I’ve never had a foundation that’s ever acted like a second skin before. This foundation is super lightweight, with the highest coverage I’ve ever had from a foundation. I don’t like cakey heavy foundations, as I don’t think they look natural and tend to bring me out in spots. But All Day Luminous leaves my skin clear and spot free! I always apply foundation with a real techniques sponge.

It’s all in the base

If your base doesn’t sit perfectly on your skin, neither does the rest of your makeup! I prep my skin using NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Liquid Primer in yellow. The primer gets rid of any red spots and gives you a nice glow.
I set my foundation with the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. I apply my makeup around 8am each morning and my base is still perfect at 9pm when I remove it.

Get the look

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation – £34
NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Liquid Primer in yellow – £9
Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – £24
Real techniques sponge – £4.93
Have you tried the All Day Luminous foundation before? What’s your favourite foundation? Please let me know in the comments!

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