Are you a blogger under 100k? Why 2018 is your time to shine!

Influencer marketing is changing

Are you super frustrated at constantly seeing the more well-known bloggers, getting all the luck when it comes to big brand collaborations? Well, all that’s about to change! Yep, influencer marketing is changing. And let’s not forget I work in digital marketing, so I should know…
enlight684Please note: Even though this post does not feature any tea reviews, my blog is mostly powered by caffeine. 

The facts

As a blogger, you’ll know influencers play a huge and vital role in a brand’s marketing strategy. As figures show your readers are 90% more likely to trust the content you’ve created, in comparison to just 33% who just ads from brands themselves! So us bloggers have got quite a lot of power, haven’t we?

So what’s a micro influencer?

A micro influencer is basically any bloggers or social media influencers with less than 100k followers across all their social media sites. And a macro influencer is a social media user with more than 100k followers.

Outreach Marketing

So what’s changed in the marketing world?

PR/Marketing agencies and marketers are noticing more and more diva-like behaviour from big-name bloggers…and they’re getting fed up of it! Expensive rates and an unwillingness to work with lesser known brands aren’t uncommon. So marketers are finding more success in developing relationships with more reliable lesser known bloggers. Lesser known bloggers are often (but not always) much more friendly in their approach to collabs and campaigns. And take it from someone who deals with PRs for own blog, as well as contacting bloggers for my job, you’re going to have much more success in the blogger world if you’re NICE on emails, despite whatever your social media following is!
Did you know micro influencers are 4x more likely to engage in a branded post compared to macro influencers?
These lesser known bloggers also much more likely to promote more niche topics and brands. So if a marketer is trying to get a new brand’s name out there, we’re going to simply dismiss the big names and come straight to a reliable micro influencer. But that’s not a bad thing. New brands and products have to get their name out somehow! And imagine how it could do for your blog, if that unheard of brand, really takes off!
And once you’ve shown marketers and PRs how good your content is, you’ll be contacted again and again! An example from my own blog is the relationship I’ve built with a well-known agency in the marketing world, who’ve provided me with the recent collabs with Clive Christian and L’Occitane. And this agency has so many other well-known high street clients! I know, exciting right?
As a blogger, what do you think of this change in influencer marketing? Do you think it’s fair on the more well-known bloggers? Let me know in the comments!

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