How do you get your vitamins?

Here’s a quick fix for all you lazy people

So here’s a good question: who out of us actually regularly takes their vitamins? And who 100% knows they get all their nutrients from their diet? ‘Cause I know I bloody well don’t! So if you’re super lazy like me, this handy little spray is the perfect quick fix! Read on to find out more about Nutrient Wise and their genius vitamin spray!

Vitamin Spray

Forgot vitamin pills or drops! With this spray, taking your vitamins is as quick and easy as a squirt of fave perfume or as a spray of your most reliable setting spray! And just like perfume and setting spray, you’ll be reaching for this spray as part of your new morning routine. The spray has a lovely peppermint taste too, so it leaves your mouth feeling all fresh and clean. You know that feeling where you’ve eaten half a pack of large Tic Tacs or you’ve just rinsed your mouth with super fresh mouthwash? That’s the feeling this spray gives you!
As I feel myself reaching my mid-twenties full steam ahead, I’m desperately trying to be more of an adult and look after myself better! So even if I have to set reminders to force myself to moisturise and take my vitamins, I’m gonna bloody well make sure I do!

Now for the sciencey bit

Vitamin D is super important for your teeth and bones. As well as your brain and immune system. You wouldn’t leave the house without brushing your teeth, so why should you leave the house without taking your vitamins? Get on board with the revolution of vitamin taking, by purchasing the spray for just £5.99 by clicking here! 

More about the brand

Nutrient Wise is a start-up company who actually give 20% off all their profits to local charities, with a strong focus supporting families and children from less fortunate backgrounds. I know, bloody amazing right? Getting supporting now and try the spray for yourself!
What do you think of the idea of vitamin spray? Do you think this is a necessary part of our diet? Please let me know in the comments!

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