Are you a blogger wanting to use a photographer? Read my tips!

Because getting in front of the camera can be daunting!

Bloggers are now understanding that blogging is not just about the content you write, but instead, it’s just as important to have good quality images. Using photographers can often feel daunting. So here are some tips I’ve learnt along the way, to hopefully help people new to the blogging world.

Do your research

This is super important for using a photographer for the first time. I haven’t actually paid for a photographer before because I always make sure to get a test shoot first. If the photographer isn’t willing to do this, at least get a discounted price from their usual rate. Remember, why would you be willing to hand over your hard earned cash, if you couldn’t potentially use the images?

Ask bloggers in your area for advice

More established bloggers will know who’s super talented at photography and who to avoid. I’m using a new photographer this weekend after a recommendation from another South Yorkshire blogger. Asking for recommendations is not only good for seeing more examples of their work. But seeing this work is also a good indication of the quality of images you can expect for yourself.

Ask for direction

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have insecurities that you don’t want capturing on camera. For myself, I hate my legs. But a good photographer will know how to take a picture from an angle that will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.
But it’s not only your own insecurities, a good photographer will understand lighting and pose. Unfortunately, I’ve had images sent over which have not only made me look HUGE with a double chin  (I’m a size 6), but also with terrible lighting. Safe to say these images did not make the ‘gram! Remember, it’s not about quantity of the images you receive, it’s about quality in this game.


Get your images before you pay!

This is a biggy to make sure you don’t get conned! This hasn’t personally happened to me, but it’s always a possibility.

Always ask for the original versions

I’ve had some bloody awful edited images sent over to me. I understand many photographers don’t like people editing their work. But when I’ve got blonde hair and the photographer thinks it’s appropriate to make me ginger in each image, you’ve obviously got a problem.
I hope you’ve found these tips helpful for using professional photographers for your blog and Instagram content! It can be super daunting at first taking your images to the next level. And it’s taken me a while to learn the ins and outs of working with professionals. But overall I think the quality of the images outweighs the cons!
Have you worked with professional photographers before? Have you got any tips I haven’t mentioned? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. You definitely make some good points about making sure your photographer understands your vision but asking for the imagery prior to payment and asking for a test shoot? I really don’t think that is fair (But that’s just personal opinion). A brand wouldn’t (or at least definitely shouldn’t!) ask you to write a post to prove yourself or deny payment until a post is written so why would you expect it from a photographer who is providing the service? Just my thoughts anyway, we all work differently!

    1. I think bloggers who are just starting out can’t really afford to pay photographers. So a test shoot is a good idea, as it takes a while to establish relationships with brands. And that’s who this post is targetted at. But for more established bloggers, you should 100% be paying photographers!

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