Kick starting your Janaury fitness

Anyone else lost all fitness motivation?

Yeah me too! After all the chocolate and the cheese and the Yorkshire Puds, my motivation for the gym and healthy eating seemed to go completely out of the window! And do you know what was even worse? When I finally forced myself to the gym, every little workout and every machine was such a strugg! Read on to find out how I kickstarted my January fitness…

 Edge your way back in

There’s no way you can manage your usual gym routine if you’ve had a couple of weeks break. Or even if you do, your workout is going to be a massive strugg! I was following my ass workout (click here to follow it too!), and I actually thought I was dying. I couldn’t manage my usual reps and I was definitely feeling the burn during cardio. So please don’t make the same mistake as me and instead just edge your way back in! If you can’t manage your usual reps right away, don’t punish yourself. You’ll get back on track soon.

Don’t go cold turkey!

I bet like me you still have loads of Christmas chocolate left over! And no one wants to waste chocolate, do they? As you’ve been indulging throughout December, does it really matter if you treat yourself for a little longer? Allow yourself some of the leftover food in small portions. Otherwise, you’ll just feel super frustrated and scoff the entire box of chocolates. And no one likes food guilt, do they?

Treat yourself to some new activewear

Nothing gives me motivation quite like brand new gym clothes. I’m absolutely loving the range by Alice Liveing in collaboration with Primark. It’s the same quality as my Nike and Adidas activewear, which completely shocked me. And you definitely can’t see my underwear through my leggings. And us girls that squat, know how annoying that can be! I got my mitts on a sports bra, (which I’ll be ‘gramming soon ’cause it’s amazing!) leggings, vest, and socks for £22! Which is a full £18 less than the Gym Shark leggings I was eyeing up. It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Set yourself fitness goals

These goals don’t have to be huge! An extra minute on the treadmill, or go up a weight on that machine you like. For myself, I’m now concentrating on building that ass. This year I’ll be increasing my weights while squatting. And I’ll start concentrating on building, rather than toning.
Were you feeling really rubbish after all the festivities too? What gets you motivated for the gym? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I made a promise to myself to start going in the morning before work, and I’ve managed to stick to it every day since the 1st of January! After the first 4 days I was just completely craving it.
    Also…I booked a holiday for February, and nothing quite boots your arse in to gear like realising you have 6 weeks to get back in shape hahaha! xo

    1. That’s so impressive! I love sleep far too much 🙈 I tend to go on my lunch and at weekends at the moment. I know you’re right about holiday motivation! I need to get one booked to boast my motivation! X

  2. Great advice! I signed up to R.E.D January (Run Every Day) in January for Mind, the mental health charity. It’s a great way to get back into the swing of exercise! Thanks for joining #ThatFridayLinky

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