I'm nearly 24, what should I have done by now?

The 25 things to do before you’re 25 checklist.

So I’m 24 this year and it’s really scaring me who quickly I’m approaching 30. Seriously when did this happen?! To make me feel a bit better about ageing (I swear I’ve found my first wrinkle!) I’ve found a checklist online of the things you’re supposed to have done by 25 (Check it out here!) Read on to find out how I’m doing…

Tap into your creativity.

Well, I’m blogging, I suppose that counts! I’m trying to put more time aside to grow my Instagram this year too.

Effectively organise your living space.

My living space is pretty small to start with! I really need some better storage solutions for my make-up and clothes. So if you know any, please let me know in the comments.

Cut out romantic interests that just aren’t worth it.

Baby steps Luce, baby steps…

Ask for what you want at work.

I’m just happy when someone else washes my mug to be honest.

Read self-help books (no shame)

I once read a dating book by Lucy Watson, I learnt a lot. Does that count?

Get in control of your finances.

Paying off that whopping student overdraft is the bane of my life! I’d be doing a lot better if I avoided all them treat yo self moments in Topshop, Zara ect. I could go on…

Enjoy time alone.

Is there anything better than a bath and a cuppa tea, like seriously? I used to hate being on my own when I was younger. However now, I absolutely love ‘Lucy time’. See above…

Motivate yourself to exercise.

I really enjoy the gym and exercise so much! I love feeling more toned and energetic. And it’s amazing how much regular trips to the gym can change your body shape. (Click here to check out my latest fitness posts!) 

Start using antiaging creams (the early bird catches the worm).

This is actually one of my new year’s resolutions. In 2018 I really want to start looking after my skin a lot better. However, it’s not exactly off to a good start! Click here to find out why…

Take your lunch breaks during the workday.

Does anyone not do this?

Get rid of Facebook friends you aren’t actually friends with.

I had a good clear out when I graduated from University. Facebook seems to be all about bragging and baby pictures these days. So unless you’re one of my close friends, I don’t really care about your new job or the latest pictures of your baby.

Pay your own phone bill.


Deal with confrontation (the right way).

Everyone who knows me, knows I don’t do well in a confrontation. Well, I suppose I’ve still got another year to get to grips with this one!

Go on a solo trip.

I think driving up and down the M1 is enough of a solo trip to me. Traveling on my own just doesn’t appeal to me.

Start a conversation with a stranger.

People always seem to start conversations with me, but I just find it really awkward! This is probably something I need to work on.

Know how and when to unplug from electronics.

I have a major attachment issue with my phone.

Network in person.

See two points above.

Have the kind of sex you want.

What does that even mean? Plus it’s a bit of a personal one!

Write about your feelings.

My close friends would probably argue I already do this enough already.

Make a mean mixed drink.

Well, them years of being a really crap bartender have paid off, ’cause there are a few cocktails that I’ve definitely mastered. The easiest being a raspberry bellini.

Practice patience (in long lines, traffic, or otherwise).

I can honestly say I’ll never be able to practice patience ever. Patience is just a foreign concept to me!

Take your vitamins.

I definitely need to start! I get a little bit anaemic when I’m stressed, so I really should start taking iron tablets.

Relieve your stress via healthy strategy.

This is the gym for me!

Get an 8-hour night of sleep … EVERY night.

My tactic is more along the lines of sleep 12 hours on a weekend, and 5-6 on a weeknight….well it balances out, right?

Sing in the shower without embarrassment.

I sing in the car without embarrassment instead. Who doesn’t love driving to a bit of Disney?
How do your answers compare to mine? Do you think this checklist is accurate? Let me know in the comments!

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