How honest should we really be?

You’re never going to love every gift

As a blogger, I think it’s really hard to know where I should draw the line when it comes to reviewing products. I work in marketing, so I know incredibly important it is to have a good relationship with brands. But sometimes, the products can well, just bit a little bit crap, can’t they? If you wouldn’t recommend a product to your best friend, would you recommend it to your readers?


Would I lie to you?

So to cut to the chase, I recently had a bad allergic reaction to a well-known skincare brand that I was gifted. And for that reason, I’ve decided not to write a review of the product. I really don’t want to damage that relationship with the brand or lie to my followers. Plus I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I can’t morally promote products that I’m allergic to.

It’s a tricky one, isn’t it?

If you’re wondering what brand I’m talking about, just take a look on Instagram. Because from the looks of the ‘gram, LITERALLY every single blogger I know has received this package! But I don’t worry I haven’t wasted the products, I’ve given them to a fellow blogger to review instead. Only fair right?

Maintaining good relationships with brands

It’s really important to maintain good relationships with brands, as obviously, they’ll just stop sending you stuff/paying you! But from experience, if a product has turned out a bit crap, honesty is the best policy. So just tell the PR! You’ve got to remember PRs are only human and are just trying to get their client/business exposure. So help them out, eh?

But that doesn’t mean you have to write a bad review! I tend to just highlight the good points, for example, the packaging. ‘Cause how bad can the packaging really be?

Working with brands has the opportunity to really put your blog name out there. And I’m super grateful for all the events and opportunities I’ve had through my blog!


Fellow bloggers, what’s your opinion on this? Is honesty really the best policy? Please let me know in the comments!



4 thoughts on “How honest should we really be?

  1. All Things Adored says:

    I totally agree… I think you can maintain good relationships with your followers and the companies you collaborate with by just focusing on the positives. If you love a product, you’ll write about it.

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